Christ is Risen: The Catholic Church is Indestructible and Indefectible


Easter Monday


Christian Doctrinal Instruction
Christ is Risen: The Catholic Church is Indestructible and Indefectible

The gates of hell shall not prevail against it
(Mt. 16.18).

The Church built by the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on Cephas (rock in the original Aramaic spoken by the Lord) more than two thousand years ago will remain until the end of the world. And this Church will remain indefectible, that is, she will remain the same as prefigured of Old especially:1) in the royal hierarchy of priests ministering like the Levites 2) in the sanctuary of the Sovereign God as in a royal court (cf., “The Catholic Sanctuary…” – II; see also the Vatican II-pseudo-Church divesting itself of all the royal regalia of the traditional Church which is the endless kingdom of the Lord and Savior: “In the Royal Court of the Catholic God“) – for it is written: the Levites whom the Lord hath chosen… to minister unto Himself for ever (1 Paral. 15.2) and neither shall there be cut off from… the Levites a man before My Face [facing the Crucified or the Eucharistic King of kings and Lord of lords (Apoc. 19.16) dwelling in the tabernacle under the form of unleavened bread-wafer] (Jer. 33.18; while the “bastard,” cf., Mt. 7.22-23, ‘ecumenical priests’* of Vatican II ordained according to the “New” ‘Rite’ are appointed to stand rather as men before the face of the assembly so-called ‘the people of [g]od’); and, the same Constantinian, Gregorian, Tridentine ‘Ultramontane-Triumphal’ Church in her concrete historical unfolding – whereas, the pseudo-Church of Vatican II, in which the perverted Superior General of the mainstream-Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) and his lieutenants now desire in principle to have their cozy zone, has declared itself to be the close of a decrepit Church of bygone ages. Hence, “there will always be Popes [including the anomalously mutant Popes who relinquished their civil princedom with the Papal tiara and contented themselves only with a bishop's mitre – Conciliar Popes who formally refused to speak and act as the SUMMUS Pontifex or the SOVEREIGN Pontiff as Vicar of the King of kings and Lord of lords – except the incumbent jerk installed on the seat of Satan (Apoc. 2.13; with the original "Prayer to St. Michael" by Pope Leo XIII and the reference by Our Lady of La Salette) superimposed upon the Chair of the Truth], bishops, and faithful, and God’s revealed truths [pure and unalloyed as were constantly maintained in both their terms and sense], will ever be found in the [true] Catholic Church” (Frs. Spirago-Clarke, The Catechism Explained).

* See Sacerdotes daemoniorum and “From the Voice of Catholic Orthodoxy in the Vatican II-Era: At the Heart of the Catholic Crisis – The Priesthood

The Church,” says St. Amrbose, “is like the moon, it may wane, but never destroyed; it may be darkened [cf., The Great Tribulation], but it can never disappear [see the remnant, Is. 10.20; Jer. 23.2, of Catholic Resistance].”




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Christ is Risen: “God arose in judgment” (Ps. 75.10)


Easter Sunday

Contrary to the distortion by the pseudo-Church of Vatican II [the so-called Novus Ordo or the “New 'Catholic' DisOrder*] on the proper place of Christ’s historically physical resurrection from a most cruelly excruciating death – which, they claim, is the “completion of the work of Redemption”** – were the words of the Lord and Savior on the Cross: Consummatum est (It – the Redemption of man from sin and all its attendant consequences – is consummated.).  Another is that the Holy Gospels devote more pages to the Passion and Death of the Christ than with His Resurrection. Finally, the Traditional Rite of the Roman Liturgy we have received from the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul (We have an altar…, Heb. 10.13) emphasizes on the day of Resurrection itself the Passion and Death of the Eternal Word… made flesh (Jn. 1.1,14) to be the goal of God’s redemptive work – why the Traditional Latin Mass is formally, that is, as the traditional Roman Missal of Pope St. Pius V explicitly professes it in its formulary of prayers and in its rubrics, the unbloody renewal by our Eternal High Priest… according to the order of Melchisedech, Heb. 10.21; 6.20, of His sacrifice on the Cross while the pseudo-Mass of the Vatican II-Church is the Protestant “Lord’s banquet”(Paul VI, Institutio generalis)-narrative-fellowship-celebration in “loud…vulgar/ordinary dialect (condemned ex cathedra by Pope Pius VI in his Bull, Mysterium fidei).

* Built on the “tampered” (Pope John Paul II) “fabricated” (Card. Ratzinger, later Pope Benedict XVI) and therefore “bastard” (Abp. Lefevbre) New ‘Mass’ of the Freemason Bugnini and his Protestant collaborators – which “New” ‘Mass’ the subverted mainstream-SSPX under the peverted regime of its Superior General now accepts in principle to have been actually “legitimately promulgated” despite the absence of any valid document to that effect at the least.

**But this ‘resurrection’ they refer to is not any more Catholic; generally, they profess that a historically physical resurrection of Christ is only a myth: Christ’s ‘resurrection’ is in one’s heart – the ‘Modernist’ deliberate confusion of what is objective with what is subjective.

By Apostolic Tradition, Christ’s glorious physical Resurrection in its objective reality is to provide the world with a most convincing historical proof – through the Holy Shroud – of His indestructible divinity. For fallen man cannot redeem himself and human nature: “they can sell themselves but cannot redeem themselves” (St. Augustine). As a deed of a creature, sin is indeed finite but as an insult offered to God (to take the place of God, judging what is good and what is evil; cf., Gen. 3), is infinite and therefore demands an infinite expiation; but, this expiation however, can be achieved by a Divine Person only: to be capable of thus representing mankind, this Person must be, at the same time, both true God and truly passible Man.

The pseudo-Church may not categorically deny that the glorious physical Resurrection of the Christ was the final proof of His divinity but with diabolical subtlety actually denies it by ignoring it. The pseudo-liturgy with its “New” formulary of prayers serves this very purpose (following the Roman axiom, lex orandi lex credendi – that is, how one prays shows what on belives): the Neo-Catholics of Vatican II who have at last ‘understood’ the ‘Mass’ – so they claim – through the use of their vulgar/ordinary dialect do not look anymore, upon entering their temples,* for the tabernacle that they pay the Eucharistic King with the homage, by genuflection: In the Name of Jesus every knee should bow (Phil. 2.10), due the Divine Royal Sovereign – but only if by chance He still gets truly reserved there: there is the positively doubtful valid ordination of the ‘ecumenical’ priests of this ape-Church. “Action speaks louder than words,” as the saying goes. While its pastors send out messages and greetings of ‘joy, hope, and peace’, the Eternal Word strikes them with Its two-edged sword the one end of which once hit the carnal-earthly minded Jews: If you believe not that I Am He… the Beginning… you shall die in your sin (Jn. 8.26,25).

* The sanctuaries of which were remodelled after the Freemasons’ and ‘Bible-only’ sectarians’; cf., “The Catholic Sanctuary…” (II)

A most blessed Easter to everyone!

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Dead Men Walking


First Saturday of the Month


Woman, behold thy son…
(Jn. 19.27)

When St. John Mary-Vianney went around his parish in his early years of being the pastor of Ars, he observed that there were many “living dead” – in the absence of the modern lingo ‘zombies’. But the man of God (4 Kings 4.25) had put his mouth upon [their] mouth, and his eyes upon [their] eyes, and his hands upon [their] hands (v.34) – that is, he breathed upon them the sound doctrines of the Faith which was the supernatural light of his eyes he needed for the execution of his divine office – so that not only the lambs entrusted to him grew warm or warmer but even those coming from the other pastures of the Lord and Savior. Now, alas! After the revelations in La Salette and in Fatima made by the Woman at the foot of the Cross (from today’s Holy Gospel for the conventual votive Mass of the Immaculate Heart, Jn. 19.25-27) – the New Eve, the New Mother of life – of the loss of the light of Faith in Rome from the very top (sick… head, Is. 1.5), in the light of the events themselves and by the testimony on-the-record of Paul VI himself, we have reached our darker age signified by the Light of life (from the Holy Gospel for the Saturday in the Fourth Week in Lent, Jn. 8.12-20) in His Apocalyptic revelations to His Beloved Disciple, reproaching the mainstream of those who bear the name Christian [that is, Catholic]: Thou hast the name of being alive and thou art dead (Apoc. 3.1).

In last Thursday’s Lesson (4 Ki. 4.25-38), we see the staff of the man of God, Eliseus, “incapable of restoring to life mankind, then dead to sin” (Bp. R. Challoner, reviser of the original Catholic Douay-Rheims Version) – “a represent[ation],” explains Bp. Challoner, “of the rod of Moses or the Old Law.” Hence, the miracle performed by the presence of the man of God himself was intended to show us, according to many Fathers of the Church, the necessity of the Incarnation of the Eternal Word to redeem mankind Whom He created but got lost for taking up also the infernal cry of ‘liberty of thought and conscience’ [on what is good and what is evil].

No, not your 'Vatican II-Church' pastor: Protestant Episcopalians  professing NO-Real-Presence  of Christ – only a symbolic wafer:  communion in the hand  (Slide show: church services 11  @

No, not your ‘Vatican II-Church’
pastor: Protestant Episcopalians
professing NO-Real-Presence
of Christonly a symbolic wafer:
communion in the hand
(Slide show: church services 11

But when the Eternal Word made flesh (Jn. 1.14) restored, not by invoking the Name of God but in His own Name (a manifestation of His divinity), the dead… son back to life in today’s Gospel (Lk. 7.11-16), He spoke… Arise… and [it was] made [so] (Ps. 148.4; Lk. 7.14) yet the living did not remain long in standing before the face of God [Who] has visited His people (Lk. 7.16): the living fell [down] at His feet, and* worshipped (4 Ki. 4.37); the same Catholic confession made by the man cured by the Son of God of his in-born blindness at the pool of Siloe in yesterday’s Gospel, Jn. 9.1-38). The ‘Novus Ordo Church’ or the Neo-Catholic [Dis-]Order of Vatican II indeed makes the appearance of being vibrantly filled with a ‘fresh air’ but what a stark contrast in their Protestant manner of ‘Communion’ in the hand while standing: a concrete denial of the divine royalty of the Eucharistic King of kings and Lord of lords (Apoc. 19.16) – they have lost the central dogma upon which everything Catholic hinges! And that after more than fifty years of ‘rationalizable’ liturgical services!

* Where Sacred Writ distinguishes here divine worship from the act of kneeling down, the ‘Bible-only’ sectarians confuse divine worship with the human act of kneeling down which is abstractly indifferent.

Now, since the Holy Ghost Who is the “Giver of Life” is also honored, by a Votive Mass, on a Thursday, Liturgically devoted to the honor of our Eucharistic King of kings and Lord of lords, sitting on His earthly throne of our traditional Catholic high altar at the very center of His earthly court – our traditional Catholic sanctuary – Who Is the Life Himself and therefore source of life, we quote a noted Holy Ghost Father whose analysis of the critical signs of life of his time (1940s) could only be confirmed today by the tragedy to which they had already pointed to:

“ A considerable body of Christians, untrained in the Christian philosophy of life, are allowing themselves to absorb principles which undermine the construction of Christian thought. They do not realize how much more dangerous it is for Christianity to exist in an atmosphere of ‘Naturalism’ [the fundamental Masonic 'dogma' upon which all the 1789 revolutionary 'liberalist' principles current today within and outside the Church: as, 'if one is gay – [g]od made him that way – who am I to judge?’] than to be exposed to positive persecution. In the old days of the Roman Empire those who enrolled themselves under the standard of Christ saw, with logical clearness, that they had perforce to cut themselves adrift from the social life of the world in which they lived – from its tastes, practices and amusements. The line of demarcation between pagan and Christian life was sharp, clearly defined and obvious. Modern ['Christians'] have not been so favorably situated… The [institutional] framework of the Christian social organization [what the perverted SSPX Superior General now considers to be the real Catholic Church] has as yet survived. This organization is, to outward appearances, so solid and imposing that it is easy to be blind to the truth that soul has gradually gone out of it. Under the shelter and utilizing the resources of the organization of life created by Christianity, customs, ways of conduct, habits of thought, have crept in, more completely… at variance with the spirit of Christianity than even the ways and manners of pagan Rome.

This infiltration of post-Christian paganism [Neo-Paganism: subtle form of Satanism designed for the nominal Christians or post-Christians] has been…, at each stage, imperceptible. The Christian of today… without misgiving… follows the current of social life around him. His amusements, his pleasures, his pursuits, his games, his books, his papers, his social and political ideas are of much the same kind as those of the people with whom he mingles, and who may not have a vestige of a Christian principle left in their minds. He differs merely from them in that he holds to certain definite religious truths [as heretics do] and clings to certain definite religious practice ['devotional' without being necessary devout]. But apart from this there is not any striking contrast in the outward conduct of life between Christian and non-Christian in what is called the ‘civilized world’. Catholics are amused by, and interested in, the very same things that appeal to those who have abandoned all belief in God. The result is a growing divorce between religion and life in the soul of the individual Christian. Little by little his Faith ceases to exercise a determining effect on the bulk of the ideas, judgments and decisions that have relation to what he regards as his purely ‘secular’ life [the Masonic 1789 revolutionary “right of man” of “separation of the Church and the State” in its microcosm]. His physiognomy as a social being no longer bears trace of the formative effect of the beliefs he professes. And his Faith rapidly becomes… not something which is looked to as a source of life that is real.

…. One cannot be a true Christian and live as the bulk of men in civilized society are living. It is clearly seen that ‘life’ is not to be found along those ways by which the vast majority of men are hurrying to disillusionment and despair.” (Rev. E. Leen, The Holy Ghost and His Work in Our Souls, pp.7-8,9).

Therefore, that we find our life outside the post-Vatican II Rome of “diabolical disorientation” – speaking, seeing, and operating as the man of the Masonic Lodge can not be otherwise (until the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart by the Summus Pontifex and the bishops in union with him) than the reverberation of the beating of the Heart of the Great Sign in heaven sounding the thoughts of the Eucharistic Heart of our royal King of kings and Lord of lords (repudiated by the Neo-Catholic ‘ecumenism’ and by the rites and ceremonies of the Neo-Catholic ‘liturgy’ received from the hands of a Freemason and his Protestant collaborators): to deliver their souls from death, and feed them in famine (from the Introit of yesterday’s conventual votive Mass of the Sacred Heart)… flee to the mountains (Ps. 32.19; Mt. 24.15 – flee to the mountains, see “Catholic Resistance, Not Disobedience”).


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Divine Care


Laetare Sunday

Rejoice, O Jerusalem, Is. 66.10). Thus, Holy Church bids us in her Introit for today’s Mass as it is in her, not in the Synagogue which witnessed the tragic destruction of its life – the accursed Temple which shall never rise again – that this passage was perfectly realized. Indeed, the Lord is round about His people, from henceforth now and forever (from the Tract of the Mass, Ps. 124.1-2) so that she shall not be moved [that is, she shall not fall into official idolatrous cult for she can never fall into official doctrinal error in the first place: being deceived with error thou adore strange gods, and serve them (Deut. 30.17); cf., Mt. 16.18 why 1 Tim. 3.15 - contrary to what the 'Bible-only' sectarians impiously asserted].

In today’s Holy Gospel (the feeding of five thousand men, Jn. 6.1-15), the Lord and Savior manifested the might of His divine solicitude providing, out of five barley loaves and two fishes, for the hungry multitude who followed Him that they not faint even unto spiritual death. By this miraculous bodily refection, He is pointing to us who now seewith the eyes of Divine Faith the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist :

traditional Communion1. It was only Our Lord Who distributed – why the true Catholic priesthood is the perpetuation unto perfection (Ex. 29.9) of the priesthood of Old to which office alone belongs the handling and administration of the Sacred.

2. The care for the fragments (Jn. 6.12) of the Living Bread - for even in their smallest particle is, by Concomittance, the same Real, True and Substantial Lord and Savior whole and entire -by His priests lest they be desecrated as when received by unwashed unconsecrated hands (the Protestant practice of the “Vatican II-Church” and granting that the Neo-Catholic priest standing as a Protestant assembly-”presider” in Lutheran or Episcopalian ‘Communion Service’ attire is positively, not probably, a validly ordained one).

Truly, the Church was still not moved to hand over to the dogs the Living Bread though the desacralizing ‘spirit’ of Vatican II has swept so vast a number of her indifferent and complacent children under false Neo-Catholic/Neo-SSPX obedience by Apostolic Resistance of standing fast and holding the traditions… have received of the Apostles. Laetare Jerusalem! for, to borrow from the counsel of St. Francis de Sales in one of his Sermons on the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, she, the true Catholic Church being the true solicitous Spouse of a most solicitous Christ, has chosen the more consoling role: to rather attend to the great care of her Beloved Who comes to her tabernacle under the form of a hapless wafer.


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“Lex orandi, lex credendi”


St. John Capistran
Franciscan Saint who preached a Crusade in the 15th c. which delivered Europe
from the Mohammedans

The supernaturally heroic service this valiant son of Saint Francis rendered to the glory of God and His kingdom on earth – the Church – was rendered ‘politically correct’ by the “Vatican II-Church” (1965) so as not to contradict the ‘ecumenical’ “disorientation” (Our Lady of Fatima) of Rome: “They [the Mohammedans, the Jews, heretics and schismatics, Freemasons and Communists, and all the unbelievers] are one with us in worshipping one merciful [g]od” (Antipope Bergoglio in the pseudo-Encyclical “Gaudium evangelii,” n. 252) —

The soon-to-be Pope ‘Saint’ John Paul II ‘the Great’ in grossly manifest violation of the First Commandment.

Buddist mockery of the traditional Catholic altar setting:the devil of course will not mock his inspired Masonic-Protestant “table” on which the New M[e]ss is celebrated.

And the Neo-Catholic harlotry continued:


Holy Church teaches us in her formula of prayer for today’s Feast: “O God, Who through blessed John didst enable Thy faithful people to triumph over the enemies of the Cross by the power of the Most Holy Name of Jesus…” —

1) that the Mohammedans or Moslems are one of the enemies of the Cross; and,
2) that they must be subjected on their knees at the Name of Jesus Christ (cf., Phil. 2.10).

Now, how the “Vatican II-Church” falsified the grace bestowed on our Saint and the benefit obtained by Christendom and even disjointed these most wonderful effects from the “power of the Most Holy Name of Jesus” in its “New Opening Prayer”: “Lord, you raised up St. John of Capistrano to give your people comfort in their trials.”

This is another proof why the “New ‘Missal’” of ‘Pope Paul VI’-Bugnini is illegal for it contravenes by a mere volumus (“We wish…”) the Divine judgment manifested by the ex cathedra decree of Pope St. Pius V: “…Let Masses not be sung or read according to any other formula other than… of this [our Traditional Latin] Missal” (Papal Bull Quo primum). Indeed, the forged novel formula being enjoined instead this day in the New Church is a contemptuously impious subtle departure under the pretext of a “New” (updated and improved) calendar. Hence, a New forged-’law’ of praying (cf., the lies and forgeries in the institution of the abomination of desolation in the holy place, Mt. 24.4, by ‘Pope Paul VI’ and of the Vatican Press in our post Obey God rather than men) – “lex orandi” – brings about the New false ‘religion’ (“lex orandi” – literally, law of believing) of “Vatican II ‘Catholicism’” and the same the other way around..

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The Great Catholic Battle (IV): “Dominus tecum”


Feast of St. John Damascene

the AnnunciationDominus tecum (The Lord is with thee, from the Holy Gospel on the Feast of the Annunciation). Therefore, the Immaculata – in whose womb the Son of God would be made flesh by the power of the Holy Ghost – had nothing to do whatsoever with not even the shortest moment of bearing, through Original Sin, the image of that proud and filthy queen of the impious, immodest and the impure – that is, the devil. We have been reborn into the image and likeness of Her Son and many times over – in God’s grace and mercy – were able to regain it at the Confessional where not only our sins but also our semblance to the devil get blotted out by the Most Precious Blood of the Lord and Savior at the words “Absolvo te…” And to guard us against this most unfortunate loss of ‘human dignity’ in its authentic sense (not the Masonic ideal: ‘show off your worth, your true colors, no matter what for god created you THAT way’) – that is, of a most perfect conformity or our most perfect transformation into the image and likeness of the Son of God – we have been given a powerful contact point with the Immaculata: Her Scapular, wherewith we are clothed – validly at that – with Her own virtues so that “as the Mother is, so Her children;” and, our most powerful contact point with God: the Holy Eucharist* through Which we are assimilated to Him Who Is the Bright Radiance of the Form of God (Phil. 2.6).

* Of course, not that kind confected with “ineffective prayers” (Fr. G. Amorth, Vatican’s Chief Exorcist) by Protestant assembly-”presiders” (in Lutheran or Episcopalian ‘Communion Service’ attire) of the “New M[e]ss” (revised, as with the “useless” New Rite of Exorcism, to reflect the “New THEO[god]…” of Vatican II and which the SSPX now accepts to have been “legitimately promulgated”) on the Masonic-Protestant-style Neo-Catholic “tables.”


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For or Against the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – No Neo-Catholic Nonsense of ‘FULLy’ (or ‘partially’)


Third Sunday in Lent


He who is not with Me is against Me
(from today’s Holy Gospel, Lk. 11.14-28)

She [the Immaculata] shall crush thy [the devil's and his minions'] head (Gen. 3.15). Today, we see Our Lord’s head-on confrontation with the devil and his party – no ‘dialogue’ with them: the devil to be expelled; his party to be refuted and rebuked (Lk. 11.14-28). Thus, the Kingdom of God on earth - the true Catholic Church on bended knees before her Eucharistic King of kings and Lord of lords (Apoc. 19.16) – cannot but militate against the “New DisOrder” of Satan and his dum[b]ies [sinners, apostates, heretics and schismatics, the "perfidious" (the Roman Missal) Synagogue of Satan (Apoc. 2.9; 3.9) and its tentacles: Freemasonry and Communism].

The Divine Judgment - He that is not with Me is against Me (Lk. 11.23) – as was the CONSTANT voice of the Chair of Peter: “…All those who are outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans but also Jews or heretics and schismatics, cannot share in eternal life and will go into the everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels, unless they are joined to the Church before the end of their lives… And that nobody can be saved no matter how much he has given away in alms and even if he has shed blood in the name of Christ, unless he has persevered in the bosom and unity of the Catholic Church” (Pope Eugene IV in the Council of Florence, Feb. 4, 1442; see, The Great Tribulation). But the soft, ‘luving’, ‘umble pseudo-Church of Vatican II IN CONTRADICTION: “They are one with us in adoring one and merciful [g]od” (“Vatican II-Church” ‘Pontifex’, in his imitative ‘Encyclical’ Gaudium Evangelii, n. 252). Hence, the Word of God, living and more… piercing than any two edged sword (Heb. 4.12), has, against the Neo-Catholic Church this most severe rebuke He once uttered to the first man whom He raised to be His Vicar: Go behind Me, Satan! (Mt. 16.23)


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“De Spiritu Sancto est!”


Feast of St. Joseph
Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Confessor


That which is conceived… is of the Holy Ghost
(from today’s Holy Gospel, Mt. 1.18-21)

“We don’t understand it,” says the readily posed common objection by the post-Vatican II generation – and even by a number of elder Catholic folks – against the Traditional Roman Rite of Divine Worship in Latin (the Traditional Latin Mass).

When St. Joseph learned of the Most Blessed and Immaculate Virgin bearing Child, although he did not knew Her, he thought of dismissing Her privately rather than exposing Her publicly – his confession of Her perfect fidelity in chasity but it was a confession of a perfect soul in “dark night:” how was it made possible without offense against God and men? God only answered that the conception of the Child was entirely by the operation of the Holy Ghost – this should suffice; and Joseph, a just man that he is, did not murmur, “I still don’t understand…,” for God’s work need not conform to our sens[e]-ible manner of appreciation.

Thus, the objection, among a host of its possible conclusions, only betrays that what was proposed to be rather ‘rationalized’ was already actually something else: other than that same perfect sanctifying work of the Holy Ghost that was the pattern of the Tabernacle and Temple service of the true God in the Old dispensation (which was man’s preparation to adore at the foot of the Crucified – the real Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world by the shedding of His Most Sacred and Precious Blood). From the service of God – why all the redeemed, from the Summus Pontifex down to the least layman, are directed towards the primacy and centrality of God “really, truly, and substantially” (The Roman Catechism) present as our King before all agesdelight[ing] to be with [us], on His exalted throne [why the traditional Catholic altar is high – elevated] in His sacred court [why the Traditional Catholic Sanctuary is arranged as a “royal court” - not the Protestant celebration 'stage' for commemorative-Supper-fellowship], cf., our post “The Catholic Sanctuary Prefigured of Old – II” – to the service and cult of man: the “People of [non-'Catholic God' – according to the 'presiding' usurper (why, cf., our post The powers of heaven shall be moved)]” is the one really addressed and made the “New” focal point of the reverse orientation and direction (the Immaculata in battle-array does not apologize about it: “diabolical disorientation”) and this sense of the ‘spirit’ of Vatican II, oozing from its very heart which is the “New ‘Mass’”, was not lost to the subconscious power of the mind which would only logically require a ‘rationalization’ of this ‘right’.  And that therefore the “New Rite of ‘Mass’” is not the work of our eternal High Priest but a “fabrication” (Card. Ratzinger, later Pope Benedict XVI, Preface to Msgr. Gamer’s “Reform of the Roman Liturgy”) conceived of perverted men is evidenced by the impious hands of a Freemason, a dum[b]y of the Synagogue of Satan (Apoc. 2.9; 3.9) – Bugnini, modeling the sanctuary of the “New Church” temples after the Masonic chambers (cf., our post “Catholic Sanctuary II”, link already provided above) – assisted by the heretical leaders of “Bible-only” sectarians [why the interior of the “New Church” temples do not differ also from their 'table'-furnished ones].

Pope St. Pius X taught that the Holy Sacrifce of the Mass is “the perfect and highest form of prayer.” And one of the “royal” roads to the heights of authentic prayer where there is the pervasion by the Holy Ghost, our Father St. John of the Cross,  in his Ascent of Mount Carmel, teaches: “not by understanding.”

A most blessed Feast to everyone!

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Transfiguration Unto Christian Perfection


The Transfiguration of the Lord and Savior

Lord, it is good for us to be here
(from today’s Holy Gospel, Mt. 17.4 – Second Sunday in Lent)

A short time before Our Lord’s transfiguration on Mount Thabor in Galilee, He declared Peter blessed for confessing what the Heavenly Father revealed – that the Messias is not only the Son of man but also a divine Person: the Son of the living God (16.16); but, from that time, Jesus began to show to His disciples, that He must go to Jerusalem, and suffer many things from the ancients, and scribes and chief priests, and be put to death, and the third day rise again (v.21): a truth which Peter could not accept – why he got this severe rebuke from the Lord and Master: Go behind Me, Satan, thou art a scandal to Me: because thou savorest not the things that are of God, but the things that are of men (v.23).

The Lord and Savior, already foresaw this human weakness in the face of pain, suffering, and death. But He would not do away with these facets of defeat – not until the most glorious manifestation of His ultimate triumph over sin and evil, their cause, at the end of time; rather, He would transform them into instruments of Christian victory – but only in so far as they are attached to the Cross and saturated by His Most Sacred and Precious Blood. He was moved, therefore, with compassion for them and their weakness since He also foreknew the severe trials to which His disciples would shortly be subjected in witnessing His bitter Passion and death, as well as the more distant crosses which, when He had finally departed from them, would be theirs on their battle for eternal life and happiness with God, and to strengthen them for their burdens ahead and give them a foretaste of the eternal rewards, He took apart those most devoted to Him, and unfolded to their eyes a glimpse of His divine glory.

Effects similar to those which the three Apostles experienced on Mount thabor are wrought in the souls of those who assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and partake worthily of Holy Communion – they are fortified* against the assault of passion, they are powerfully assisted in bearing the crosses of life, and they receive here below a foretaste of heavenly – not a sentimental or emotional – joy and bliss. So that truly, each time the worthy communicant kneels before our traditional sacred altar, he can say with Peter, Lord it is good for us to be here.

* Something which the “New ‘Mass’” – as with the other “New ‘Sacraments’” and “New ‘Sacramentals’” – with its “ineffective prayers” (claims Fr. Gabriel Amorth, Vatican’s Chief Exorcist, on the “New Rite of Exorcism” even approved by a Vatican II-Pope which is just a Sacramental) does not confer as experiences and the widespread basest perversions in and out of the institutional Church that has become ‘possessed’ for the headquarters, especially the Vatican of Ecumenical “Disorientation” (Our Lady of Fatima), by the infiltrators-propagandists of the pseudo-Church (cf., our post “The Year 1929”) eloquently testify.

The Holy Eucharist – made present on the altar according to our sacred Traditional Rite – is the living fountain of graces, whereas the other Traditional Sacraments are so many streams conveying graces to our souls; the former contains the Author of grace Himself, the latter contain grace.

The grace of the Holy Eucharist is superior to that of the other Sacraments; these others are but a preparation for and ordained to Holy Communion; Baptism and Penance remove sin, Confirmation and Extreme Unction strengthen the soul against external assaults of spiritual debility, Holy Orders and Matrimony dispose a man for the proper fulfillment of certain special duties. Thus the grace of each of the other Sacraments is a preparation for the crowning grace of the Holy Eucharist.

The grace of this Most Holy Sacrament is that of spiritual nourishment by which the soul is transformed into the likeness of Christ. The results of this grace are similar to those which ordinary food produces in the body – it repairs; it strengthens; it delights; it sustains. The Holy Eucharist: by remitting venial sins repairs the losses which the soul suffers through these sins; it strengthens the soul by uniting man through charity more closely with God and his neighbor; it delights the soul by exciting actual devotion and fervor; it sustains the soul by fortifying it against temptation, by repressing the inordinate cravings of the flesh for sensual pleasures and passion, and by facilitating the attainment of eternal life.

As natural food is not of use t one who is physically dead, so neither does Holy Communion produces spiritual nourishment in a soul that is spiritually dead, that is, conscious of mortal sin. Those who receive unworthily the Real and Substantial Presence of the Lord and Savior in Holy Communion do not receive benefit*, but on the contrary eateth and drinketh judgment to himself, not discerning the Body of the Lord (1 Cor. 11.29).

* The case with the sacrilegious “New ‘Mass’” – with its “ineffective prayers,” as noted above, having beed changed to reflect the “New  THEO…” (Theo: “God” in Greek).

Spiritual Communion, which consists in an ardent desire of Sacramental Communion – for those who cannot by any means assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (our Traditional Rite of Worship in Latin) and receive Holy Communion, confers a considerable fruit of the Holy Eucharist, although it is inferior to Sacramental Communion.

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The Eternal Word Healeth All Things


Ember Friday in the First Week of Lent

Wilt thou be made whole?
(from the Holy Gospel, Jn. 5.1-15)


Wilt thou be made whole? Divine Wisdom teaches us: It was neither herb, nor mollifying plaster that healed them, but Thy word, O Lord, which healeth all things (Wis. 16.12). The true God Whom we must adore and worship according to the Eternal Word: Mercy and wrath quickly come from Him, and His wrath looketh upon sinners (Ecclus. 5.7) – the “Catholic God” of our Traditional Rite of Worship.

The festering Neo-Catholic “disorientation” (Our Lady of Fatima)…

CatholicOnline: “Anniversary of Pope Francis: Richness of Mercy and Compassion, Inside and Out.” – But the ‘pontifex’ is only exemplifying his non-”Catholic God” (“I do not believe… in a Catholic God. There is no such thing as a Catholic God,” in the Vatican’s “L’Osservatore Romano,” 2nd Oct. 2013) – the “New THEO…” of VaticanII: [g]od of all mercy and compassion who knows no wrath, cf., our post “The Ultimate Delusion of Vatican II ‘Catholicism’” – a “delusion of sinners” (St. Alphonsus Liguori, Bishop and Doctor of the Church).

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