Neo-Catholic ‘Evangelising’ – “Anathema sit!” (Gal. 1.9)


Third Sunday in Advent

I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, make straight the way of the Lord (from today’s Holy Gospel, Jn. 1.19-27). But all the ways [of the Lord] are truth (Ps. 118.151).

“Evangelising is nothing more – or less – than me telling someone the story of the value and significance of my friendship with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour,” ‘Bishop’ Comensoli of Broken Bay, AU (in CNA).

See how pseudo-Catholic bishops (cf., “The Year 1929“) deceitfully teach a new gospel but with all diabolical subtlety – an ‘inspirational’ narrative replacing the justifying Truth: but who is compelled to submit our whole mind to a narrative and not rather to the saving Truth of Christ, and Him Crucified (1 Cor. 2.2)? That a truly Catholic bishop’s office of teaching and preaching must compel darkened minds to submit wholly and completely to the Truth of the Gospel of the Crucified: …We have received grace and apostleship FOR OBEDIENCE TO THE FAITH, in all nations, for His Name (Rom. 1.5). Now, how can he hold it that he that believeth not shall be condemned (Mk. 16.16) if all that he – and the rest of the “Novus Ordo” (the “New ‘Catholic [Dis]Order” of Vatican II) hierarchy – has to say is nothing but a ‘sweetie story’ (cf., our post “NEW ‘Catholic THEOlogy': The Ultimate Delusion of Vatican-II-Catholicism”)? Let us not be deceived by the “New ‘Evangelization'” (cf., “The Neo-Catholic ‘Gospel’ of ‘Universal Salvationism’“).

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Feast of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of Guadalupe
Octave of the Immaculate Conception

BlessedVirginMary of Guadalupe

Who is She that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in array? (Cant. 6.9).

She it was who delivered [the Mexican people] from the power of darkenss (Col. 1.13) – from the worship of the devil, offering him human sacrifices – and hath translated [them] into the kingdom of [Her] Son.” But alas! the apostasy of a great number of Christians – embracing the ‘Christ’ of the Protestants or of Vatican II-‘Catholicism’ tailored for the New Age by the infiltrated dum[b]ies of the Synagogue of Satan (Apoc. 2.9), that is, the more than “1100 men” who were Freemasons and Communists now occupying the high positions in the Church perverting so many souls unto the neo-worship of the devil (cf., our post “A Perilous ‘Catholic’ Voyage” and “The Year 1929“).

“In your kindness, grant that those who rejoice in keeping your feasts
may find their happiness in the radiance of the true Light.”
(from the Hymn at the Office of Lauds)

A blessed Feast to everyone!

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Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

Immaculate Coneption2

The Lord hath made His work known… I will extol You, O Lord, for You lifted me up, and did not let my enemies rejoice over me (Ps. 97.2; 29.2 – 9th Antiphon and Response of the 3rd Nocturn in the Office of Matins).

In the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, nowhere could Satan’s proud ‘liberal’ head take root: Dirigite viam Domini (“Make straight the way of the Lord”).

A most blessed Feast to everyone!

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Impatient Lover


Feast of St. John of the Cross
Father of the Teresian Carmel

St. John of the Cross

“The property of love,” says our holy Father John of the Cross, “is to desire to be united, joined, and made equal and like to the object of its love” (Dark Night II, 13, 9). Therefore, the more the Divine Love increases in the soul, the greater is the longing for union with God. Even if its love is still imperfect – since it has not yet brought the soul to union – nevertheless the soul experiences “hunger and thirst for that which it lacks, which is the union” to which love tends (ibid.). In the measure that the fire of Divine Love purifies it (its increase in the soul), God draws it to Himself by infusing new love in it. And to do it, He only waits for the soul to concur with His action, letting itself be purified all the more – despoiled of self, of every spiritual and material creature, and of every desire, delight, and affection that is not God and His good pleasure – and clothed completely with Divine Life.

The soul thus famished and left athirst for God, seeks Him without respite, “for, being in darkness, it feels itself to be without Him and to be dying of love for Him” (Dark Night II, 13,8). Divine Love makes the soul impatient to find the Lord, and it seeks Him with great solicitude, like Magdalen, who, after the death of the Beloved, gave herself no peace, but, rising early, ran to the sepulcher, and finding the sacred Body no longer there, went in search of it, questioning all she met. I will arise and go about the city, says the spouse in the Canticle of Canticles, in the streets and in the broad ways I will seek Him whom my soul loveth (3.2). This is the attitude of the soul who does not turn back or resign itself to being vanquished; indeed, it desires at any cost to find this God Whom it loves more than its very self. In this state, says St. John of the Cross, “the soul now walks so anxiously that it seeks the Beloved in all things. In whatsoever it thinks, it thinks at once of the Beloved. Of whatsoever it speaks, in whatsoever matters present themselves , it is speaking and communing at once with the Beloved… All its care is about the Beloved” (Dark Night II, 19,2).

God permitted the abomination of desolation (from yesterday’s Holy Gospel, Mt. 24.15-35, the last Sunday after Pentecost) that hearts may be revealed – if all they care is about the Beloved. The Commandments, the laws and teachings of the Church, the devotions inspired by the Spirit of Truth in the Church most especially the devotion to the Immaculate Heart for our end-times – all direct our minds and hearts to the one zealous care of Divine Love. Prophet Daniel, to whom the vision of such a great evil, such as never was under all the heaven (9.12) proclaims the reason: that all Israel… have transgressed the law and have turned away from hearing [God’s] voice; and its cause: they did not think on [God’s] truth. Many souls have other things to think about – not in quest to be with God, Who daily used to remain with us in His Real Presence at our once Catholic sanctuaries, and thus be more and more perfectly purified of every remaining resemblance still to the proud devil unto that perfect transformation in Christ, and Him Crucified (1 Cor. 2.2), according to His image and likeness, according to His mind and heart. Because Deus charitas est (God is charity, 1 Jn. 4.8), the Word of Truth bids us to be increasing in the knowledge of God… in all wisdom and spiritual understanding [that is, by the facilitating swift operation of the Spirit of Truth called “gifts” that are not tied to the limiting operations of our human nature of which Theological and Moral virtues are] (from yesterday’s Lesson, Col. 1.9-14) that we may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth, and length, and height, and depth [of] … the charity of Christ (Eph. 3.18,19). But because many have been increasingly caring only for convenience – ‘convenient truth’ and therefore ‘convenient religion’ – God left them, nay abandoned them, and giving them already their just temporal deserts of their  New Order or the Novus Ordo [of Vatican II and of its ‘spirit’ – the revolutionary ‘Rights of Man’ upon which is built the Masonic ‘egalitarian-Republic-paradise’] which, because ‘[g]od is luv [that which is in the air in both the “New ‘Catholic’ DisOrder” and “New World DisOrder” ‘], bids ‘just luv’ and that “alone suffices.”

A most blessed Feast to everyone!

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Salvation Depends Upon Our Choice of State in Life (Vocation) – I


Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

How lovely are Thy tabernacles, O Lord of hosts!
My soul longeth and fainteth for the courts of the Lord….
Blessed are they that dwell in Thy house, O Lord:
they shall praise Thee for ever and ever
(Ps. 84.1,5)

“We ought to conform to the designs of God in the choice of a State of Life, whatever it may be….”

(St. Alphonsus Mary Liguori)

… It is evident that our eternal salvation depends principally upon the choice of our state of life. [the Venerable] Father Granada, OP [a spiritual master in the time of our holy Mother Teresa of Jesus] calls this choice the chief wheel of our whole life. Hence, as when in a clock, the chief wheel is deranged, the whole clock is also deranged, so in the order of our salvation, if we make a mistake as to the state to which we are called, our whole life, as St. Gregory Nazanzien says, will be an error.

If, then, in the choice of a state of life, we wish to secure our eternal salvation, we must embrace that to which God calls us, in which only God prepares for us the efficacious means necessary to our salvation. For, as St. Cyprian says,: “The grace of the Holy Ghost is given according to the order of God, and not according to our own will;” and therefore St. Paul the Apostle writes, Every one hath his proper gift from God (1 Cor. 7.7). That is, as Cornelius a Lapide explains it, God gives to every one his vocation and chooses the state in which He wills to be saved. And this is the order of predestination described by the same apostle: Whom He predestinated, them He also called; and whom He called, them He also justified, …. and them He also glorified (Rom. 8.30). [In another work, this same great Bishop and Doctor of the Church explains himself in these words: “God wills that all men should be saved, but not in the same way. As in heaven He has distinguished different degrees of glory, so on earth He has established different states of life, as to many different ways of gaining heaven. The choice is not arbitary: “To enter into any state of life, a divine vocation is necessary; for without such a vocation it is, if not impossible, at least most difficult to fulfill the obligations of our state, and obtain salvation.” The reason of this is evident; for it is God Who in the order of His Providence assigns to each one of us his state of life and afterwards provides us with the graces and the help suitable to the state to which He calls us. We ought to be persuaded and ought never to forget that from all eternity God thinks with love of each one of us, just as a good father thinks of his only son – the editor of the Saint’s work.]

We must remark that in this world this doctrine of the vocation is not much studied by some persons [the Novus Ordo of Vatican II scorns this as ‘obsolete’ and rather teaches just exactly what is the opposite – hence the perversion of so many young men and women who have come to dwell in what originally is the house of the Lord but now has become a filthy den for dragons - My tabernacle is laid waste… My children are gone out from Me… Because the pastors have done foolishly… to make the cities of Juda a desert, and a dwelling for dragons (Jer. 10.20,21,22): O God, the heathens are come into Thy inheritance, they have defiled Thy holy temple: they have made Jerusalem as a place to keep fruit (Ps. 78.1) – Vocations to the religious life and the priesthood, beware of Vatican II ‘modern seminaries, monasteries, convents'; cf., our post “The Year 1929” on the infiltrators of the Synagogue of Satan (Apoc. 2.9; 3.9) in ecclesiastical and religious trappings in command of the ‘official’ hierarchy]. They think it to be all the same, whether they live in the state to which God calls them, or in that which they choose of their own inclinations, and therefore so many live a bad life and damn themselves.

But it is certain that this is the principal point with regard to the acquisition of eternal life. He who disturbs this order and breaks this chain of salvation will not be saved. With all his labors and with all the good he may do, St. Augustine will tell of him, “Thou runnest well, but out of the way!” That is, out of the way in which God has called you to walk for obtaining salvation. The Lord does not accept  the sacrifices offered up to him from our own inclination, but to Cain and his offerings He had no respect (Gen. 4.5). Rather He threatens with great chastisement [and why they invented a “New ‘Catholic [t]heology’” – a NEW theo [Gk: god]: a god who knows no just wrath and is the object of a “New Rite of Worship” or the “New ‘M[e]ss'” which the perverted lying Superior-General of the mainstream-SSPX formally claims to have been “legitimately promulgated” by Paul VI]  those who, when He calls them, turn their backs on Him in order to follow the whims of their own caprice. Woe to you apostate children, He says through the Prophet Isaias, that you would take counsel and not from Me, and would begin a web and not by My spirit (30.1).

A blessed Feast to everyone!

Kindly offer an Ave Maria for Friar John Marie-Therese, our Discalced Carmelite of Catholic Resistance who has been approved to ascend to the Diaconate. Deo gratias!


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What it takes to become a Carmelite Saint


Feast of All the Saints of Carmel

… By their examples and merits, [may we] live for Christ Crucified alone in meditation of the yoke of His law and in perfect abnegation… (taken from the Collect)

My son, give me your [whole] heart: and let thy eyes keep My ways: if anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me (Pr. 23.26; Mt. 16.24).

But the generously staunch heart of a Teresian Carmelite, beating after the Heart of the Immaculate Mother and Queen of Carmel, would not be content to take up his cross and merely follow the Beloved after – “Be always ready to take the place of the Beloved!” (St. Teresa of Jesus).

A blessed Feast to everyone!

See also: “Decor Carmeli” (The Beauty of Carmel)Teresian Carmelite Vocation Discernment – I: The Queenship of Mary, and The (Traditional) Teresian Carmel. Related: The Measure of Loving God 


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Truth – the hard and narrow way to God.


Master, we know that Thou… teachest the way of God in truth.
(from today’s Holy Gospel,  Mt. 22.16)

Jesus teachingThe Jews not only knew that it is the truth that sets man to his course back to temporal sanity and eternal happiness but, moreover, heard the truth in its overwhelming splendor from no other than the Lord Jesus Christ, calling Him Master. But they not only loved not the Truth, they even dared kicked hard against the goad (Ac. 9.5).

There used to be only the Mohammedans and “’Bible’-only” self-proclaimed ‘messengers’ most zealous in pretending to be the teachers on and guides in the way to God but less than the truth – self –contradiction: they say, on the one hand, they constitute to be the teacher and guide and yet, on the other, maintain that it is the ’Book’. Now, they are joined by the occupants of “the Chair of the Truth” (Pope Leo XIII in his long Prayer to St. Michael) but who were schooled in the error of Neo-Catholicism – ecumenical union in diversity (no longer the Catholic union in the Truth – same language and sense of doctrine; same Sacramental expression of the Truth; and, same manner of submission to its Sovereign arbiter and teacher here on earth – the Catholic Pontifex Maximus (the Sovereign Pontiff crowned with the Papal tiara – Vicar of the King of kings and Lord of lords). And if they boast of a large and statistically growing number of followers, it is because they are the instrument of God’s curse to men who daily fall out in great numbers with the love of the truth. And in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying… (2 Thess. 2.10). “I encourage you to make a treasure of this [Modernist] rich experience and to continue with courage, always attentive to the signs of the times and asking the Lord for the gift of mutual listening and docility to His will” (the Antipope Bergoglio – cf., our post on the anomaly in the “Declaratio” of resignation read by Pope Benedict XVI – in his address to the “33rd Ecumenical Meeting of Bishops, Friends of the Fokolare Movement” which he described in the diabolical fashion as “an expression, fruit of what the love of the Word of God [the Truth*] produces,” in Zenith Report of 8th November 2014).

* But the Word of God condemns the “’Bible’-only ‘Churches’” who refuse to hear the [Roman] Church – and pretend to ‘read the Bible’ (itself not anywhere written!) being their standard of the truth – with the lot of the devil whom the heathen and publican (Mt. 18.17) that they are serve and partakers with (1 Cor. 10.20).

“… Experience,” the truth for the Modernist. “Docility to His will,” yes but this is denied by “mutual listening” with the partisans of the ancient deceiver – as with the rest of stupid pretenders referred to above, standing on self-contradiction. “Asking the [l]ord for the gift of mutual listening…,” it is the crime of diabolical presumption to expect from God an exercise of divine powers for the perdition of souls and the glorification of the devil; it is sheer blasphemy against the Holy Ghost to attribute to Him a ‘gift’ only the devil has the power to communicate – and that to his followers alone.

Let us not be deceived.

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“Satanic Synod”


Feast of All the Saints

All Saints

The assembly of the just, the kingdom of God, was redeemed by the Most Precious Blood of Our Divine Savior (from The Roman Breviary) and they stand before the throne of God clothed with white robes and palms in their hands (Apoc. 7.9). But the so-called ‘Roman Synod’ of the Vatican II Neo-Catholic [Dis-]Order emerged with the stinking black robe of the Antipope with his diabolical effeminate sway in their hands.

“Satanic Synod”

(Fr. F. Chazal, SSPX-Marian Corps)

Vatican III is already upon us, at the hands of the self styled “synodal pope”. It was textbook revolution. A repeat of what we read in Ralph Wiltgen’s “the Rhine flows into the Tiber”, to the exception that the Plata river has joined the rhine, and the rearguard is Polish, African, and from some other isolated places. Conservative elements were allowed to show their token complaints, adding a more open and pluralistic debate to take place, but the truth that comes from below has to prevail. The [mainstream] Church is turning gay, divorcish, and morally gradual: that is the reality that takes place and such reality in turn becomes official. Vatican II says the Church is the People of God, [Bergoglio] just applies this principle. The train is leaving, now if conservatives like Fr. Nely [of the compromised mainstream-SSPX and Second Councilor to the Neo-SSPX perverted Superior-General] are not interested, they can step down, but they can stay and endeavor to persevere…

The reality we are facing now in the conciliar church is even worse than we were expecting of this Synod so called “on the family” with the inimaginable pretense that the right of little children are going to be respected, while throwing them in homosexual couples [claiming that these perverts have something ‘good’ to contribute to ‘Catholic’ families!], with all the depravities that this alone entails, and with all the abominations taking place with surrogate mothers, (IVF, ie, plenty of abortions, eugenics, trafficking, abuse on third world women etc.). And how can you be in favor of the family while condoning so openly divorce, for the first time in the History of a Church who lost one of its most powerful nations, just on the question of the divorce of one man, Henry VIII?

Gradualism means that if you sin, and plan to sin further, as long as you are in the process of hoping to do something about it, you are accepted, nay welcomed. You are just a prisoner of your own device, we ll help you along as you are, and where you are, either on the gay planet, or on the lefebvrian planet. We are all pilgrims of truth said Pope Benedict to the Lutherans.

Typically, the president of the Polish Episcopal Conference stated that this was a departure from the teachings of Pope John Paul II. The most controversial paragraphs were turned down temporarily, and by a whisker (64% voted in favor of the text on homosexuals, some voted against because there was not enough for them). So [Bergoglio] maintained the infamous paragraphs and the whole text of the “Relatio post disceptationem” remains open for public debate until next year, sayeth mgr Forte, the special secretary, and it is the Pope who has the final say. Note well that these infamous paragraphs fell short of the two third majority but got always a comfortable absolute majority. It will pass easily in the second round, and [Bergoglio] is clearly telling that those against are pharisees who will have to obey the “God of surprises”.

The mentor of {Bergoglio] is more Paul VI than Pope John Paul II, a Pope that showed his ability to face down people of the past to impose the new ‘aggiornamento’. Just like in Vatican II, if the necessary votes are not gathered, the whole matter is thrown again in successive rounds of debate until it passes with faint conservative amendments.

What matters is that the new ideas get floated for the first time in the full view of the world with the endorsement [by] the supreme authority of the Catholic Church speaking and acting as if it were the instrument of Satan [Get thee behind Me, Satan! – Our Lord to Peter] . Opposition is allowed to swing in its turn, only to be defeated and chopped into the weaker recyclable half … ones, who get taken care of later like the good old ex-SSPX.

Note the conservative types thrown at us like Cardinal Muller who stated that the Virginity of Our Lady is not a physical reality, or Cardinal Napier who says the text is incomplete because it should allow communion to polygamists as well. Consrvatives of Vatican III match perfecly the ultra liberals of Vatican II. In any case, many voters did not approve the controversial paragraphs for reasons of procedure only, and not of content. The whole thing is totally teleguided from the start, including the conservative opposition to it. It was the [Neo-Catholic ‘Pontifex’] who appoints the moderators of the Synod and chooses its members at every consistory of Cardinals,removing the old, and promoting the surprises. The [Neo-Catholic ‘President’] orders the demagogic polls and stirs the pot by his scandalous declarations ahead of the Synod. Are the conservatives shocked at the beatification of Paul VI? Well, they should follow the example of the conservative Pope Benedict XVI who duly attended the ceremony and endorsed it… isn’t he slated as number three for take off after the canonization of Paul VI, John-Paul I? And there will be plenty more of unsavory [dissimulating-]canonizations to swallow from now on.

Did those conservatives really believe that Revolution would stop? If they did it was useful of them to believe so, to recycle gradually reactionnary elements, but now the horses of Mephysto have to gallop further. All along they are made part of the revolutionary process that needs opposition to keep not just some spice in the debate but a focus on its principles and needs always an enemy to position its weapons better, like “target designation” in warfare. There is only one last stop for Revolution, and it is Hell. You can check in any time you want, but you can never leave. So come and check into my train, any time you want sayeth Bergoglio!”

A blessed Feast to everyone!

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Conquest for the devil


Feast of Christ the King

Christ the King

The Holy Church prays today that “all the kindred of the nations… may be brought under the sweet yoke” of the rule and dominion of Christ the King since God “hast willed to restore all things” in Him through His Son Our Lord Jesus Christ. And see how could she be distinguished in her prayer, nay the Spirit of Truth pleading in her, from the desire of the pseudo-Church of infiltrated Freemasons and Communists (cf., our post “The Year 1929”) to accommodate itself to the phenomenological ‘situation’ and the Modernist ‘experience’ of de-Christianized perverted man as it was reflected in the last so-called ‘Roman Synod’  – the true holy Catholic Church, purified down to the prophesied Resistance remnant, acknowledges the one same old problem underlying all the upheavals of the ‘Modernist’ de-Catholicized man: the division in and around him “by the wound of sin” (Collect of today’s Mass) with its concomitant rotten stench of the basest moral perversions.

God the Father… hath made us worthy to be partakers of the lot of the Saints in light (from today’s Lesson, Col. 1.12-20). The diabolical “Vatican II-Church” of dissimulation pretends to draw the ‘Modern’ man, especially the perverts, to the Catholic fold yet makes a mockery of the light – dismissing the Traditionalt insistence on the fundamental of dogmatic truth as “hostile inflexibility” (the Antipope Bergoglio) and challenging God to His face for His being the sole and final arbiter of good and evil, opposed as He would ever be to the invention of an ‘opinionated egalitarian free/liberal man’ of today inebriated by the 1789 Masonic poison of the ‘Rights of Man’: ‘there’s nothing wrong in me; I am not wounded by sin ; and, I cannot be a miser living in sin” – pressed to its logical conclusion: he did not need the salvation offered by God through the Crucified… making peace through the Blood of His Cross, both as to the things on earth, and the things that are in heaven.

Nothing definitive actually came out of the so-called ‘Synod’ but one thing is conclusive – in the mindset of the pseudo-Church ‘president’, the Antipope Bergoglio, ‘the way, the truth, and the life’ of the ‘modernist effeminate man’ in his situation and experience hold the primacy… in all things; not the irrevocable rights and judgment of the King of kings and Lord of lords thundering from the Cross. This is the true Catholic conquest of souls under the banner of the Crucified and the Immaculata. Let us resist the Antipope and his pseudo-Church in their mad conquest for the devil whose 100-year permission is now drawing fast to its terrible close.

A most blessed Feast to everyone!

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Pseudo-Neo-Catholic Church of Vatican II Betrays Its Self-Destruction


Solemn Feast of La Madre Teresa of Jesus
Virgin and Reformer of the Carmelite Order

St. Teresa of Jesus“… Reflect,” says St. Teresa of Jesus, “on the great damage parents do by not striving that their children might always see virtuous deeds of every kind” (Life, Ch. II).  But what more of parents who consent to their gay children in abandoning themselves into “the basest moral depravity” (St. John Chrysostom in our post, “Our Lady, Vatican Disorientation, and the Annihilation of Many Nations“) there is which even the dumbest beast would not dare venture in, beholden as it is to the Natural Law not by reason but by mere instinct! And they deserved a warm applause by the so-called ‘Roman Synod’ patres under the ‘presidency’ of the greatest jerk-antipope (why Bergoglio is not the true Pope: on the anomalous “Declaratio” of ‘resignation’ read by Pope Benedict XVI) there ever was! That the ‘Synod’ now welcome homosexuals abominably living together with children being raised by them should no longer be a surprise. This should unequivocally speak of how far the ‘official’ institutional mainstream Neo-Catholicism (the “pseudo-[Catholic] Church” of infiltrated Freemasons and Communists, cf., our post “The Year 1929” and “A Perilous ‘Catholic’ Voyage”) has already gone beyond redemption, its remedy being but its extirpation from the face of the earth by God’s direct intervention (cf., our post “The Chastisement Closes In”; see also “On the Number of Sins Beyond Which God Pardons No More”).

According to the measure in which the love of God takes possession of our heart, it creates and nourishes in us an ever increasing love for our neighbor; but this love, being supernatural, seeks only the supernatural good of our fellow men and thus becomes zeal for the salvation of souls.

All that God does is also for man’s eternal good and therefore for man’s eternal happiness. But we should long to have some share in this action, knowing that we can do nothing which will be more pleasing to God than to lend our humble collaboration for the salvation of those who are so dear to Him – not for their eternal misery in hell with the devils.

Zeal for souls finds its source in the contemplation of Christ and Him Crucified (1 Cor. 1.23; 2.2) – in distinction to the Neo-Christ of Vatican II’s Neo-Catholic THEOlogy whom the bastard ‘Synod’ mentioned to be gazed at while they diabolically look into the destruction of the Church’s basic unit, the famil . His wounds, His Blood, the excruciating agony, all tell us how much God values souls and how dearly He loves them. But his love is unrequited – or, yes, requited yet with such utter mockery of God and of His Church.

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