“Deus Sabaoth”



Our Lady of Ransom

The Catholic Church rejoices in today’s Liturgy (Our Lady of Ransom) as Our Blessed Mother, always watchful over us, rises to free Her Christian children “from pagan power” (‘Collect’ of the Liturgy) – through sane pastors of the Church and Catholic statesmen. And she prays that through the intercession of the Immaculata, we may also “be freed from our sins and captivity to the devil” – there is the Divine Mind Which shines brightly in Our Lady and Which She sheds on Her devout children in the truth: to fall into pagan power is to be held captive also by the devil – a terrible chastisement from God for the sin of apostasy.

Pseudo-Pope Bergoglio, heavily drunk with “diabolical disorientation” (Our Lady to Sr. Lucia, C.D.) abandons nations – which have abandoned the true Christian Faith insisting on the all-encompassing dominion of Christ the King – to diabolical captivity: his “no Catholic God” would never intervene against pagan power sweeping them under the cloak of ‘humanitarian’ and ‘ecumenical’ solidarity – “No to God of war!” Sacred Writ, however, belies him in that the true God is the same “Deus Sabaoth” (the terrible God of hosts) of OT.

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The School of God’s Heart

J. M. J.

Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary


In today’s Holy Mass, we hear the Church supplicating that we celebrate this Feast of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary “with devout minds” in order that we may “live according to [God’s] Heart.” For to live is to understand – the mind as if delighting in the good it knows in truth – thereby paving a sure road for our heart to thrust itself on the real good with which alone it seeks to take in delightful possession.

“Jesus, MASTER, have mercy on us!” Thus we heard those who are alienated from the Heart of God now appealing to Its tender mercy – the ten lepers yesterday (13th Sunday after Pentecost). See what the Eternal Word offers them for their cure: “Master!” – they are far from Life for they have corrupted the truth (mixing it with error – the disgusting discoloration on their skin, so explains St. Augustine in the 2nd Nocturn of the Office of Matins) departing from the proven way of life-giving discipline: they wanted themselves to be their own master.

Therefore on the Cross – the throne of God’s absolute dominion over us – there we hear: “Son, behold thy Mother;” behold the school of My Heart – the Immaculate Heart of My Mother out of which came THE good a creature could render his Lord and Master: “behold the handmaid of the Lord: be it done to me according to thy word.”

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Feast of the Solemnity of the Glorious Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary,

Body and Soul, into Heaven

This day is this prophecy fulfilled: “Arise, O Lord, into Thy resting place: Thou AND THE ARK which Thou hast sanctified” (Ps. 131.8).

“Thou hast prevented our ruin in the presence of God” (Judith 13.15, from today’s Lesson). The Blessed Virgin Mary, “full of grace” (Lk. 1.28) when the rest of mankind lost it, has finally occupied the throne once occupied by Lucifer – why the great hatred of the devil against the Immaculata. And She is given us as our bright Moon to radiate upon us the rays of Her Divine Son in the hour of our darkness. How She would prevent our ruin but we would rather go on our own way and so get involved…

Anti-Christian Conspiracy – Scriptural Truth and Historical Fact

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The one change necessary




Feast of the Transfiguration of Christ – “His Face did shine as the sun: and His garments became white as snow” (from the Holy Gospel, Mt. 17.1-9).

There’s only one change, one real growth and progress that matters in this life – our more perfect transformation into and conformity with Christ: “unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the age of the fullness of Christ” (Eph. 4.13), “Be ye perfect, as also your heavenly Father is perfect” (Mt. 5.48).

How’s the seed of divine life (sanctifying grace) implanted in us at Baptism? That’s the only thing we can bring with us before God when our time finally ends up sooner or later. And we can only go to our place among the Blessed in heaven when God is pleased to see in us that Life that has borne all the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Ghost in their full flower (the Beatitudes). “GROW* in grace, and in the knowledge of Our Lord Jesus Christ” (2 Pet. 3.18). All our efforts are in vain when this is overlooked and neglected.

* There’s no instant perfection (‘Born-Again’ Protestantism). It’s highest possible degree attainable here is at the end line of our life – at our last breath. Many are still at the beginning stage of the Christian Life and therefore should be struggling to rise from their sins – especially from their habits of sin, occult or not – and from their imperfections; they are still in the First and Second Mansions of St. Teresa’s “Interior Castle”. These souls are not the downfall of the Catholic Church. Patience…

Today, being a First Saturday, may the repeated prayers in the Holy Rosary Our Immaculate Mother earnestly recommends to us work to strike repeatedly in effacing from us every resemblance still to that filthy proud infernal spirit who is the devil.

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To stand in the truth…



Feast of the Prophet Elias
General and Father of “the Order of the Virgin”

Another “proper” solemnity in the Teresian Carmel (traditional pre-Vatican II “Divino Afflato” calendar) – the others being that of the Bl. Virgin Mary of Mt. Carmel (July 16), of St. Teresa of Jesus (Oct. 15), and of St. John of the Cross (Nov. 24); four “proper” solemnities – another privilege for the Teresian Carmel; “Novus Ordo” OCDs no longer keep this as such.

“The Lord is near to all them who call upon Him: to all who call upon Him in truth” (from the “Gradual” of the Mass, Ps. 144.18). See how the Sacred Writ qualifies the terms of divine friendship; the first condition, for in another place, “you are of your father, the devil… from the beginning… he stood not in the truth” (Jn. 8.44).

Three Carmelite Friars at the other side of the world have fled the “New” ‘Catholic’ DisOrder – the “pseudo-Church” (Bella Dodd, ex-Sec. Gen. of the Communist Party of America who embraced the Catholic Faith, cf., our post “The Year 1929“) built on the false ‘Modernist liberal’ god of the “New ‘Catholic Theology’” poisoning vocations, especially, and countless souls led by false obedience to drink from its very source and expression, that is, the “New” ‘liturgy’ (the “New Rite” of ‘Sacraments’, particularly the “New” ‘Mass’ designed by a Freemason with his Protestant collaborators that has become the “norm” by hierarchical dissimulation) – to join the Catholic Resistance. May we persevere in this battle for the Rights of the true God of our General and Father Elias unto the obliteration of that sacrilegious “table” set up for that “abomination of desolation” (Mt. 24) in its “dress rehearsal” stage.

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The Queen of Heaven “set in battle array”


Solemn Commemoration of the
Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel


A Great Sign appeared in heaven, a Woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under Her feet, and on Her head a crown of twelve stars (Apocalypse 12.1).

This day, the Queen of heaven, comes forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in battle array (Canticle of Canticles 6.9), hands to us the Church Militant Her Scapular – sign of eternal alliance with the Apocalyptic Woman prophesied of Old to crush [the infernal serpent’s] head [sewer of all errors with their hosts of sins]” (Genesis 3.15); sign of protection for THE REST of Her seed (Apoc. 12.17) who wage battle against all the assaults of the ego, the flesh, the “new world/’catholic’ disorder”, and of the devil and (her) apostate angels, powers, influences and minions, with all their deceptive half-truths, snares, schemes, suggestions and allurements; therefore, sign of predestination and of salvation: sign of consecration to Her, who, crowned with the Truth of Apostolic Tradition, exposes and crushes the “diabolical disorientation” – this chastisement of all seduction of iniquity to them that perish [who] receive not the love of the truth (2 Thessalonians 2.10)…

“It is painful to see such a great disorientation and in so many persons who occupy places of responsibility… the devil has succeeded in infiltrating evil under the cover of good… in leading… priests and… consecrated souls… into error [the “New” ‘Catholicism’** with its new ‘priesthood’ and new worship based on a “NEW” ‘Catholic THEOlogy] … They are blind men guiding other blind men” (Sr. Lucia, C.D.). And no less than Pope Paul VI, who merely “WISH[ed]” (“volumus” in his “Missale Romanum” of April 1969) his “NEW” Rite of WORSHIP (as if there can be a new god* to be worshipped!) – the “New” ‘Mass’ designed by the Freemason Bugnini – offered, admitted this: “A sentiment of CONFUSION… spreading AMONG THE CHILDREN OF THE CHURCH, even among the best ones, and sometimes ALSO WITH THE MOST QUALIFIED, WHO EXERCISE THE GREATEST AUTHORITY [read: the one sitting on the Chair of St. Peter!].” – See more @ “Our Lady against the diabolical campaign

* The “no Catholic God” (the true God of the Catholic Faith) finally unmasked by Antipope Bergoglio.

** An attempt at synthesis or reconciliation of the Catholic Religion with today’s ‘Modernist liberalism’ of the 1789 ‘Rights of Man’ – the ‘Church’ “at the service of humanity” [but ‘naturally good’ : Masonic ‘naturalism’ – no wound of Original Sin].”


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God judges the “New Rite of Worship” (the New ‘Mass’) an “abomination” still…



Feast of St. Ephrem

Deacon, Confessor and Doctor of the Church

Note from Rev. Friar John, C.D.:

Bp. Williamson : “Traditional Catholics absorb with their mother’s milk that the new rite of Mass (NOM) is an abomination in the eyes of God…. Then how can God work with it eucharistic miracles…?” (“Novus Ordo Missae – II”, Eleison Comments, No. 437, 27th November 2015).


“Greater abominations… men having their backs turned toward… the Lord” (Ezech. 8.16)

That implies that the New Mass – the so-called ‘Ordinary Form’ by prevarication – is in reality (in the eyes of God) not the “abomination of desolation” in its “dress rehearsal” (the Bishop referring to our age vis-à-vis the 7th and last age of the Church with the appearance of the Antichrist).
In every VALID Mass, there’s already a miracle taking place: TRANSUBSTANTIATION. In “Eucharistic Miracle”, the miracle that has already taken place is only made plainly manifest – now we could see it as it really is, the veils (the accidents: color, texture, taste, smell, etc. of a bread/wine) having been removed: indeed the bread was turned into the Real Flesh of Our Lord by the power of His words!That implies that the New Mass – the so-called ‘Ordinary Form’ by prevarication – is in reality (in the eyes of God) not the “abomination of desolation” in its “dress rehearsal” (the Bishop referring to our age vis-à-vis the 7th and last age of the Church with the appearance of the Antichrist).

“MANY will say to Me in that day: Lord, Lord, did we not perform miracles in Your Name [by Consecration at Mass, according to Ven. Louis Granada, OP, a great spiritual master in the time of Sts. Teresa of Jesus and John of the Cross, in “Sinner’s Guide”]? Amen, amen, I will say unto them: I do not know you, depart from Me you workers of INIQUITY!” (Mt.VII)

A pleasing Sacrifice before God – this is what a legitimate or LICIT Mass amounts to; not true of ‘New Masses’ even when the Real Presence is validly confected in them – always ILLICIT: no benefit derived even from a NOM that is valid. St. Thomas teaches that the Sacraments of heretics and schismatics, even when valid still, do not confer grace (cf., our post “The New ‘Mass’ even when valid, always illegitimate“. Of the ‘New Mass’, even when valid : not only another form of parody wherein the stolen priestly powers of the Savior are abused – God forced, as it were, to be present on a polluted ‘table’; more so, a “striking departure from Catholic Theology” (Ottaviani Intervention) – off with the Catholic God of Truth.

If ever God chose to make a DISPLAY also of His wonders in a valid New ‘Mass’ it may rather be to wake the ‘devout’, especially, to the PROPER Catholic sense of and attitude before what they hold on to still as sacred (that should get them thrown out sooner or later) and to belie the Sedevacantists.

Divine judgment: “When you shall see the ABOMINATION of desolation standing in the holy place… FLEE…” (Mt. XXIV).

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The Queen of Heaven ‘uncrowned’



Traditional Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Her great title, “Mediatrix of All Graces” – sacrificed @ Vatican II in the name of ‘ecumenism’ (another great Vatican II travesty!).

“I am the Mother of fair love, and of fear, and of knowledge, and of holy hope. In me is all grace of the way and of the truth, in me is all hope of life and of virtue. Come over to me, all ye that desire me, and be filled with my fruits. For my spirit is sweet above honey, and my inheritance above honey and the honeycomb. My memory is unto everlasting generations” (Ecclesiastcus 24.24-28).

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The “New Rite of ‘Mass'” – even when valid, always illicit



Sunday in the Octave of “Corpus Christi”

The calamities that fell upon God’s chosen people of Old prefigured already those that will chastise the Church Militant for its necessary purification. “Now all these things happened to them in figure… they are written for our correction” (1 Cor. 10.11). Pope Leo XIII taught this in his Encyclical “Diuturnum illud” but with grave admonition: those chastisements are graver for us who have been raised to the dignity of a Christian (one who bears Christ in him; better, another Christ yet in its varying degrees of correspondence unto its perfection – beginners, the advanced, and the proficient or the more fervent) by grace merited at the prize of the Most Precious Blood of the Eternal Word-made Flesh.

As this day dawned but yet it was still dark, the light of the Eternal Word, in the lessons of the First Nocturn of the Office of Matins taken from I Kings 4.1-11 (DRV), gave us another glimpse of the mystery of God’s purifying hand now laying heavily on the Church. The chosen people were getting desperate in the face of invasion by the Philistines. They fetched for the Ark of the Covenant – that mighty visible form of the presence of the God of Hosts in the midst of His chosen people of Old. But God delivered His people into the hands of the enemies and let the Ark even as their enemies’ precious spoil! Why this tragedy? The High Priest, Heli, consented to the corruption of the people by condoning his erring priests in the mockery of the sacred.

The ‘mainstream official’ Church still has the Real Presence in cases when a still validly ordained presbyter validly confects also the Blessed Sacrament. But from the preceding lesson, bringing about the Real Presence VALIDLY (with the proper intention and with the prescribed matter and form – the formula of Consecration over the matter – of the Sacrament) in their midst is not enough. There’s still the crucial matter of bringing the Real Presence LICITLY : The priests who brought in the Ark were NOT PLEASING to God – they were far from the ideal of priestly ministry prescribed by God; so are the presbyters more so marked with a “new priesthood” (cf., “At the heart of the crisis – the priesthood“), donned in Lutheran/Anglican ‘liturgical’ costumes and presiding over a ‘table’ at a remodeled sanctuary after the fashion of a Masonic Lodge (cf., “The Catholic Sanctuary – II“) to offer a “new rite of worship” [the “new rite of ‘m(e)ss”” – the falsely claimed “Ordinary Form”] to the (g)od of their “NEW THEOlogy” (the non-Catholic god already unabashedly unmasked by Bergoglio ). To sum it up, even when the Consecration in this Vatican II-Church of the “Novus Ordo” (the “New World disorder”) is still valid it will always remain illicit – unacceptable before the true God of Catholic Tradition; St. Thomas, in his “Summa”, teaches that even when the Sacraments of heretics and schismatics are validly conferred [also in the ‘Black Mass’ of Satanists] they are illicit – the same for the apostates of the day; the Sacraments in their hands do not confer grace – which comes from God appeased, not mocked and enraged! This we are sure of from the preceding lesson by the Eternal Word – the ‘mainstream’, despite the palpably concrete mighty Divine Presence in their midst, was held easy prey to the powerful enemies, figuratively: eager priority of being ‘happy’ ‘in’-citizens of a “New World Order’ where there are no absolute truth-holders (the ‘pre-Vatican II Church’ clerics) and where Christ the King does not insist on His absolute dominion both in socio-economic and private affairs; willing ‘weak’ preys to cravings and lusts of the flesh: ‘I’m only human,’ ‘many commit the same,’ ‘it’s natural urge anyways;’ willing cohorts of the proud devil: who do not want to go any further in pressing the truth confronting them down to its logical conclusions or, having gone painfully through it even with only the first steps cry, ‘no, I will not submit, it’s too much!’

There are of course certain cases when souls – in invincible ignorance and of just dispositions – in the “Novus Ordo ‘Church’ still receive grace but not because of a “Novus Ordo” ‘Sacrament’ reverently conferred validly; the graces flow unto them from the “throne of grace” – from our traditional Apostolic altars. Yet, this mercy of God towards them does not stop there: “iustum dedu[c]it Dominus per vias rectas” (The Lord conducts the just man through the right ways, Wis. 10.10) – and so they are led out of the ‘Novus Ordo’.

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Apostasy – the fundamental Truth of the Catholic Faith overthrown



Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity – “Baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost” (Mt. 20.28).

The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ reveals thus the true God – the fundamental truth of the Catholic Religion. As such, the Athanasian Creed (Office of Prime in the Roman Breviary for the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity and on Sundays after Pentecost) declares :

“Whosoever wills to be saved, before all things it is necessary that he hold the Catholic Faith. Which Faith except every one do keep whole and undefiled, without doubt he shall perish eternally.

Now the Catholic Faith is this, that we worship one God in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity. Neither confounding the Persons, nor dividing the substance… ”

But Antipope Bergoglio, the “presiding” ‘Pontifex’ of the “New World Order” (the “Novus Ordo”) Vatican II-‘Church”:  “I believe… not in Catholic God, there’s NO CATHOLIC GOD.” – See more @ our post “Estote sapientes

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