True Catholic Mass: Union with God – “in truth and in justice;” not just in reverential form



St. Hyacinth

Octave Day of St. Lawrence, 3rd day in the Octave of the Assumption

And I will bring them, and they shall dwell in the midst of Jerusalem: 
and they shall be my people, and I will be their God in truth and in justice
(Zach. 8.8).

The true Catholic Mass – not just valid but also, and importantly, legitimate [St. Thomas: grace-giving] – is to be found, in our days (since the placing of the Masonic-Protestant ‘table’ and its service of the “NEW ‘Catholic THEO…‘” <Mt. 24.15> in our Catholic Tridentine sanctuary), not in the hands of compromised presbyters tied to the mainstream-Church. “When you shall see the abomination of desolation… standing in the holy place… FLEE TO THE MOUNTAINS [outside our familiar ‘Catholic’ institutions]” (Mt. 24.15,16) – “During that epoch… a time of sorrow and grief for all the faithful children of the Church, who, with their Prelates and pastors, would be FEW in number [#CatholicResistance]” (Our Lady of Good Success in Quito Ecuador, 21 Jan 1610). The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass PLEASING to God is not just in its ‘solemn reverential form’ (mere ‘#SenseOfTheSacred’) but also in the hands of the acceptable representatives of His Son – conferred with His unchanging priestly character and office (“tampered with” in the “New” Rite; why MANY will be rejected as illegitimate bastards though exercising still valid priestly powers: workers still of “iniquity” <Mt. 7.22-23>) and whose mind have not got any least shadow of agreement with the “father of lies”: “We [SSPX] adhere also to the [“New”] Rite of Sacraments [[LUTHER’S VERSION OF ‘MASS’ at the heart of those] LEGITIMATELY PROMULGATED by Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II” (Superior-General Declaration, “Cor Unum”, April 2012) – the “New” is the norm (Ecclesia Dei ‘conservatives’); “You cannot recognize and resist at the same time” (Sedevacantism) whereas, “One must resist the Pope who openly destroys the Church” (St. Cajetan).
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Catholic Resistance — Discalced Carmelite Father of Catholic Resistance

Contrary to the Sedevacantist claim – “You cannot recognize [as Pope the occupant who destroys the Church by his heretical words and actions] and resist [him] at the same time.” Against the ‘Conservatives’ who only have #senseofthesacred preference for beauty and solemnity over the radical Theological deviation behind the ‘norm’ ‘(falsely so-called ‘#OrdinaryForm’) of the […]

via Catholic Resistance — Discalced Carmelite Father of Catholic Resistance

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A Wonder In Our Midst



Feast of St. Elias – Father and Leader of the “Order of the Virgin”

Move not, O sun (Josue 10.14) !?? Did the sun miraculously stop as it had stopped at the command of Josue of Old?

Or the Orient from on high has visited us (Lk. 1.78) and displayed brightly the delight of the Lord (Ps. 26.4) in His traditional dwelling place amongst us?

On 5th July 2019, a First Friday and Octave Day of the Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord, TWO BRIGHT RAYS OF LIGHT which favored the new altar of our Chapel dedicated to Our Immaculate Mother of Carmel, constructed in time for the visitation of His Excellency, the Most Reverend Gerardo Zendejas, STAYED ON CONSTANTLY IN THE SAME DIRECTION—FOR 44 MINUTES : from the first incensation of the altar UNTIL the elevation of the Sacred Wine…

5th July 2019

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Secularist France abandoned in the hands of the enemies of the Crucified



Worldwide chastisement never seen before (the Apocalyptic Great Sign – Our Lady of Fatima) beginning… with the apostate first daughter of the Church…

Clouds of doom over ParisAsk among the nations: Who hath heard such horrible things, as the virgin of Israel hath done to excess? Because my people have forgotten Me… stumbling in their ways, in ancient paths, to walk by them in a way not trodden [1789 Secularism of Freemasonry : only the ‘libertarian Rights of Man’ (separation of Church & State, gay ‘rights’, free thought: freedom of one’s own religion, free choice, and the like) – Vatican II ‘Dignity of Man’]: That their land might be given up to desolation, and to a perpetual hissing: every one that shall pass by it, shall be astonished, and wag his head. As a burning will I scatter them before the enemy: I will shew them the back, and not the face, in the day of their destruction (Jer. 18.13,15,16-17, Office of Matins: Tuesday in Holy Week).

“In Rome the storm will be the blackest. The storm of Rome is even worse than the storm in France. All the wrath of the ungodly is in Rome. All the anger of the wicked is focused on the Holy See. (But), The chastisements will begin with Paris” – Marie-Julie Jahenny, the Breton Stigmatist, 8th Dec. 1874 (w/ecclesiastical approval)

A Mohammedan spotted…

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Halloween and Pseudo-Catholicism




Feast of All the Saints – God is wonderful in His Saints (Ps. 67.36). The triumphant “seed of the [Apocalyptic] Woman” had put… on the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 13.14)…

Bergoglio-witchBut the children of the devil make the devil fashionably fun in them #halloween. Now, the Antipope* carries the stang (forked ceremonial staff with a nail driven through) of a devil-worshipper (a witch). *See more – the uncanonical script of ‘resignation’ read by Pope Benedict XVI.

I will put enmity between you [the devil] and the Woman, between your seed and Her seed (Gen. 3.15). The mainstream ‘official’ Catholic has surrendered against this and offered the devil and his minions on earth the ‘ecumenical’ embrace led on by the ‘spirit of Vatican II’ (a diabolical spirit indeed!). #CatholicResistance refuse their ‘ecumenical embrace’, the #SSPX has accepted.

With the perverse, you will be perverted (Ps. 17.27).

We charge you, brethren, in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, that you #CatholicResistance WITHDRAW YOURSELVES from them who walk disorderly, and not according to the Tradition which they have received of us (II Thess. 3.6).

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Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Oratory (Laguna, PH) is now expanding unto a chapel – according to the same traditional pattern Holy Church has most reverently housed and exalted God’s Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament: Our Lord given His due place of centrally exalted primacy, enthroned on His traditional high altar with His ministers serving not with their backs turned against their Lord and Master.

Development – Its sanctuary walls are now up. Later, a complex of quarters – “Domus Sancti Ioseph” (St. Joseph House) for Aspirants (as Priests or Cooperator-Brothers) to the Order of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (the Discalced Carmelites of Traditional Observance) will be adjoined.

Donations are still needed for the completion of this whole undertaking. Benefactors are especially enrolled for their perpetual remembrance on the altar.

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New Chapels for “the Order of the Virgin”



Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Oratory in Laguna, Philippines is now expanding into a chapel. Its sanctuary will soon be up. Later, a complex of quarters for Aspirants to the Order of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (as Priests or Cooperator-Brothers) will be adjoined. Blessing of the place was given yesterday; today, the Blessing of the foundation stone.

The Order’s mission chapel in Bohol Island, also in the Philippines, is up for completion.

Donations are still needed for their completion. Benefactors are especially enrolled for their perpetual remembrance on the altar. Please contact Fr. John, C.D. (dei dot ignis at ymail dot com).

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Bloody Scourge



Tuesday of the First Week in Lent

And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought… and overthrew the tables of the money changers and the chairs of them that sold (Mt. 21.10-17).  St. John “the Beloved” also saw the Lord making first “a scourge of little cords” (2.15) for casting out those servants of filthy lucre.

“They shall take away the Continual Sacrifice [our Ancient Rite of Worship in Latin ] and they shall place there the abomination [a “New disOrder of ‘Mass’ – the Lutheran/Episcopalian ‘banquet’ by ‘presiders’ in ‘communion service’ costumes] unto desolation” (Dan. 11.31).

What terrible chastisement will these usurpers at the Holy Place – Protestant “presiders,” representing the Neo-Christ: the ‘humanist’ “all mercy and compassion”-Christ of the “Novus Ordo” One-World-Religion, at “banquet” tables (supplanting the DESTROYED ancient high altar reserved to the true God – our “Catholic God,” the God of BOTH “Merciful Love” AND strict Justice Which knows wrath consuming the wicked and the sinner with fire: Is. 1.28) serving the “abomination of desolation” (Mt. 24.15) in place of the “Continual Sacrifice [our Catholic Resistance – Tridentine Latin Mass]… taken away” (Dan. 12.11) – meet with?

1) They and their blind followers shall fall “by the [Islamic?] sword” (Ps. 77.62,64); and

2) our churches which witnessed the violation of our true God’s own altar (which does not admit of being shared with the service, the sacrilegious Neo-Catholic ‘M[e]ss’, of the Neo-Catholic [g]od – no other than the devil under the guise of Vatican II-‘humanist’ Christ of all merciful understanding)… Pope Benedict XVI himself knew very well writing to the effect that: the time will come when the Church… can not enjoy anymore the restoration of that Continual Sacrifice in her glorious beautiful churches She enjoyed in her liberty and prosperity!

See more related posts on the abomination of desolation

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“Sign of contradiction”




First Sunday in the Octave of Christmas – “Behold, this Child is set for the fall, and for the resurrection of many… and for a sign which shall be contradicted” (from the Holy Gospel, St. Lk. 2.33-40).

Why victory in this our end-times battle – inaugurated by the Apocalyptic Woman @ Fatima, Portugal 100 years ago – could be claimed by “the REST of Her seed” (Apocalypse 12.17), that is, the FEW elect disowned, exiled, and maligned by the institutionalist* ‘official’ mainstream. *It is their institutions (official buildings – their convenient, comfort, and security zone) that make them ‘Catholic’ (or, ‘SSPX’ – the same those who are not at ease with the April 2012 Declaration of compromise by their Superior-General demanded from their Resistant contacts before that they breach the line of separation). The mainstream ‘Vatican II-Church’ stands not contradicted or opposed by the New World disOrder (the “Novus Ordo Saeculorum” or the Neo-Pagan World put up by the “Synagogue of Satan” – Apoc. 2.9;3.9); rather, stands conquered and identified as its own citizens : would rather put on (and eagerly at that!) what is the ‘Modern liberal’ trend than endure its mocking opinion – slaves of human respect for a mere opinion and opinion of those who have chosen to dwell in the darkness of the very foundation of an eternal misery : error (“Seek not death in the error of your life” – Wisdom 1.12; “Put off, according to former conversation, the old man, who is corrupted according to the desire of error” – Ephesians 4.22), not friends of the Eternal Word “made flesh” (Jn. 1.14), the Light That Is the life of men (Jn. 1.4) : “BE NOT CONFORMED TO THIS WORLD… and I have SEPARATED you FROM OTHER PEOPLE, that you should be mine.” (Romans 12.2; Leviticus 20.26). The “REST of the seed” who would “withdraw [themselves] from them who walk disorderly, and not according to the [Apostolic] Tradition” (II Thessalonians 3.6) “have the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ” (Apoc. 12.21); whereas, the mainstream stands, either with both feet, or even just “halting” (III Kings 18.21), with the “Novus Ordo” on the ‘liberal’ creed (as the separation of the Church and State, and that other religions are as good as the Catholic Religion) condemned by the Chair of the Truth – the mainstream-Church, with whom the #SocietyofStPiusX #SSPX #FSSPX seeks ‘juridical full communion’, stands rather in contradiction to the Infant King of division and of separation.

God comes to give us the power to stand fast and persevere ’til the end in this contradiction of His children and friends with the devil and his children and collaborators – He gives us Himself but Sacramentally. Oh, the power of truly legitimate Sacraments in the hands of His priest but unspotted in priestly character and uncompromised in his mind! The mainstream allied or in sync with the New disOrder, thus standing in contradiction to the Eternal Word, denies the legitimacy of their “fabricated” New ‘Sacramental system’ – “useless” (Fr. Amorth, ex-Vatican Chief Exorcist) : surrendered to human respect for trending perverse opinions and principles behind the ‘liberal Modernist’ fashion and sensual lifestyle; indeed, “My people have done two evils. They have forsaken me, the fountain of living water, and have digged to themselves cisterns, BROKEN CISTERNS [“useless” New ‘Sacraments’ even when valid still : illegitimate or illicit], that can hold NO WATER [“NO GRACE” – St. Thomas in his “Summa,” de Sacramentis]” – Jeremias 2.13

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“A day of wrath”



First Sunday in Advent – “Behold your God will bring the revenge of recompense: GOD HIMSELF WILL COME and will save you” (Isaias 35.4).

At present the “Catholic God” is not truly known – “the sun… darkened,” as if eclipsed : supplanted by the ‘[g]od of all mercy and compassion’ worshipped in the Protestantized “New ‘Mass'” of the Vatican II-modernist ‘liberal Church’ – “as if He could not avenge, whenever He pleases, the injuries offered to Him, and therefore He is as much despised by sinners [in their mockeries]” (St. Alphonsus). The wicked “looks upon the Almighty as if He could do nothing” (Job 21.17). But the Lord has fixed a day, called in the Sacred Writ “the day of the Lord” on which “the Lord,” the Eternal Judge, “shall be known when He executes judgment” (Ps. 9.17) – “a day of wrath – a day of tribulation and distress – a day of calamity and misery” (Soph. 1.15).

Pay careful attention all you who wallow in the lusts of the flesh – esp. those who practice homosexuality* who tolerate and even support them… Your ‘fun’ time is almost up! “And He shall destroy the wicked, and the sinners together: they that have forsaken the Lord shall be consumed” (Isaias 1.28). *”Exorcism is said over those who confess it.” – Fr. G. Amorth, Vatican Chief Exorcist

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