Decline of Religion


First Day of Novena to the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel

Scapular vision“Flos Carmeli, vitis florigera. Splendor coeli, Virgo puerpera singularis. Mater mitis, sed viri nescia. Carmelitis da privilegia, Stella Maris” (Flower of Carmel, fruitful vine. Splendor of heaven, unique Virgin giving birth. Mother most gentle but unknown of man. To your Carmelite children, grant the laws of favor O Star of the sea!) Thus St. Simon Stock implored the Immaculata’s intervention for Her Order besieged in and out by the devil. “All that is not of Faith is sin” (Rom. 14.23) : Let us then implore with our Holy Mother Church (from the Collect of the Mass last Sunday, the 6th after Pentecost) that the Immaculata may sooner arrest the decline of the virtue of religion, that total and complete adherence to the Rights of Christ the King – 1, the due reverential worship of Him in the Traditional Liturgy in Latin He irrevocably decreed through Pope St. Pius V to be “the norm… in all churches whatsoever.. forever;” and, 2, individual and social living according to the irreformable teachings and moral norms of Catholic Tradition (2 Thess. 2.14; 3.6), among her children and its cause : “[Not in Rome will] the dogma of the Faith [be] always preserved, etc.” (Our Lady of Fatima concluding the Second Part and introducing the Third Part of Her “Secret” She wished be fully revealed as early as 1960 to stall the diabolical vehicle of apostasy – Vatican II and its Neo-Catholicism, the “pseudo- Catholicism” of infiltrated Freemasons and Communists: “The Year 1929“).

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The Catholic “Mystery of the Faith”


Our Lady on Saturday

The Most Sacred and Precious Blood of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the Traditional reference of the “Mystery of Faith” in the Apostolic formula of the consecration of the wine : It is the prize and seal of our redemption from the dominion of the devil. The abolition of today’s Solemnity in the “New Calendar” reflects the deconstruction of the reference of the “Mystery of Faith” in the formula of consecration of wine in the Protestantized “New ‘Mass'” (the ‘official’ Mass since 1969) for its re-invention : the “anamnesis” proclaiming the diabolical version of redemption, the “Paschal Mystery” of Neo-Catholic ‘theo’-logists which asserts that redemption is not in its traditional central locus (place) [the Passion and Death of Christ on the Cross] but at the end in the resurrection (why the Neo-Catholic cross : the Crucified replaced by a resurrected but not in history and body, rather in the ‘faith’ – the personal belief – of a modernist ‘free-thinking Catholic’). The difference : with the popular ‘Mass’, sins, esp. the unnatural ones, abounded – not that the Precious Blood even when VALIDly confected on the neo-Catholic table brings it about but that, as St. Thomas Aquinas teaches, It refuses to give grace as with any ILLEGITIMATE rite (in a manner displeasing to God).

Now, what need was there that the Son of God should suffer for us even to pour out His Blood to its last drop? There was a great need; and indeed it can be assigned to two reasons. The first is that it was a remedy against sin, and the second is for an example of what we ought to do.

Remedy against sin and its evils

It was a remedy to such an extent that in the Passion of the Crucified we find a remedy against all the evils which we incur by our sins. And by our sins we incur different evils.

The first evil that man incurs by sin is the defilement of his soul. Just as virtue gives the soul its beauty, so sin makes it ugly – conforming it to the filthy, proud, and stupid mind of the devil and to his perverse will. “How happened it, O Israel, that thou art in thy enemies’ land? Thou art defiled with the dead” (Bar. 3.10-11). But all this is taken away by the Passion of the Crucified, whereby the Crucified poured out His Blood as a laver wherein sinners are cleansed: “Who has loved us and washed us from our sins in His own Blood” (Apoc. 1.5). So, too, the soul is washed by the Blood of the Crucified in Baptism because then a new birth – supernatural, in which we are “made sons of God” (Jn. 1.12) – is had in virtue of His Blood, and hence when one defiles one’s soul by sin, one offers insult to the Redeemer and sins more gravely than before one’s Baptism. “A man making void the law of Moses dies without any mercy under two or three witnesses. How much more do you think he deserves worse punishments who has trodden under foot the Son of God and has esteemed the Blood of the Testament unclean!” (Heb. 10.28-29).

Secondly, we commit an offense against God. A sensual man loves the beauty and the inordinate urges of flesh, but God loves spiritual beauty which is the beauty of the soul – conformity with the mind and heart of the Redeemer and to His image and likeness. When, however, the soul is defiled by sin, God is offended and he sinner incurs His hatred. “To God, the wicked and his wickedness are hateful alike” (Wis.14.9). This, also, is removed by the Passion of the Crucified through His Most Precious Blood Who made an infinite satisfaction to God the Father for sin – something which man of himself could never do. The charity and obedience of the Crucified Redeemer were greater than the sin and disobedience of the first man: “When we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of His Son” (Rom. 5.10).

Thirdly, we have been weakened by sin. When a person sins the first time, he believes that he will thereafter keep away from sin, but what happens is the vey opposite. This is because by that first sin he is weakened and made more prone to commit sins, and sin has power moe and more over him. Such a one, as far as he alone is concerned, has lowered himself to such a condition that he cannot rise up, and is like to a man who jumps into an abyss from which, without God’s help – what we call grace – he would never be rescued. After the Fall of man, our nature was weakened and corrupted, and we are made moe prone to sin. The Redeemer, however, lessened this sickness and weakness, although He did not entirely take it away – that through humility we may always be dependent on His merciful redemption; how un-Christian therefore is the doctrine of the Book-worshippers that they are already saved and therefore need no longer any divine assistance! So now, man is strengthened by the Passion of the Crucified Redeemer, and sin is not given such power over him. Moreover, he can rise clean from his sins when aided by God’s grace conferred by the Sacraments – but only in their Traditional pre-Vatican Rite in Latin (the “New Rite of Sacraments” since 1969, even when they happen to be validly conferred, but because they are and will always be illegitimate, that is, not pleasing to God, do not, like to an always valid “Black Mass” of the Satanists, confer grace – which receive their efficacy from the Passion of the Crucified: “Our old man is crucified with Him, that the body of sin may be destroyed” (Rom. 6.6). Indeed, before the Passion of our Crucified Redeemer few there were who lived without falling into mortal sin; but, afterwards, many have lived and we living without mortal sin.

Fourthly, we incur the punishment due to sin. For the justice of God demands that whosoever sins must be punished. This punishment, however, is in proportion to the guilt. But the guilt of mortal sin is infinite, because it is an offense against the Infinite Good, namely God, Whose commands the sinner holds in contempt. Therefore, the punishment due to mortal sin is infinite – the everlasting fire of hell originally “prepared for the devil and his angels” (Mt. 25.41). The Crucified Lord, however, through His Passion has taken away this punishment from us and borne it Himself (cf., 1 Pet. 2.24). The Passion of the Crucified was of such value that it sufficed to expiate for all the sins of the whole world, even of a hundred thousand worlds. And so also is it that the Catholic Resistance priest forgives sins by pouring over the penitent the Most Precious Blood; and, again, the more one conforms himself to the Passion of the Crucified and has frequent recourse to the Most Precious Blood made available still on the Catholic Resistance* altar, the greater the pardon and the grace which he gains.

* The devil and his forces through their most cunning schemes (the ancient heresies and schisms, ‘Bible-only’ salvationism, the 1789 Masonic Revolution of the ‘dignity and rights of man’, ‘free-thinking’, and the so-called ‘Novus Ordo’ or the ‘New World DisOrder': the liberal-secularist neo-Sodomitic Masonic republics dominated by the bankers of the “Synagogue of Satan”, the pseudo-Catholic Church breathing in and out the same 1789 Freemasonic Revolution ‘consecrated’ by Vatican II, Sedevacantism, Ecclesia Dei-Tridentine Mass ‘conservatism’  and the cult of Fellayism by the mainstream-Priestly Society of St. Pius X), now that their time is almost up with the coming 100th year since the unfolding of Apocalypse XII in 1917, are in their rabid drive either to deprive souls of that certain cisterns which God has elected to convey His grace to dependent rational beings who are made not only of spirit but also of matter (rather, generally perceiving through matter) or to provide them but with actually “tampered” (Pope John Paul II) and “fabricated” (Card. Ratzinger, later Pope Benedict XVI) Protestantized ‘Mass’ of an infiltrated Freemason dissimulatingly WISHed for by a Masonic fag in Papal trappings (the ‘Blessed’ Papa Montini, Paul VI, of Vatican II-“New ‘Catholic’ DisOrder” in his pseudo-Apostolic Constitution ‘Misale Romanum’ of April 1969 – the basis of a most lying formal Fellayite declaration that the New ‘Mass’, foundation of Vatican II Neo-Catholicism, was ‘legitimately promulgated.’) or coy ones (the Traditional Rite of divine service sacrilegiously used by the Fellayites, the Ecclesia Dei ‘conservatives’, and the Sedevacantists for a facade).

And fifthly, we incur banishment from the kingdom of heaven. Those who offend kings are compelled to go into exile. Thus, man is expelled from heaven on account of sin. Adam was immediately driven out of paradise immediately after his sin, and the gates of paradise was shut. But the Crucified Redeemer, by His sufferings and death, opened this gate and recalled all the exiles to the Kingdom. With the opening of the side of the Crucified, the gate of the true and everlasting paradise is opened; and, with the pouring out of His Most Sacred and Precious Blood, guilt is washed away, satisfaction is made to God, infirmity is removed, wrath and punishment expiated, and the exiles as called back to the Kingdom. Therefore, St. Augustine says that the Passion of the Crucified can bring about a true and solidly complete reformation of our life inundated and inebriated by the Most Sacred and Precious Blood of the Redeemer flowing from the uncompromised Traditional altars of Catholic Resistance – with references to the “Catechetical Instructions of St. Thomas Aquinas”. May the Immaculata allow us not to loose this unalloyed fount of our eternal happiness.

Solemnity of the Most Sacred and Precious Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ
1st July 2015

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Major Ordinations for the “Order of the Virgin” – II


Our Lady on Saturday

Lord, Thou hast proved me and known me
(Ps. 138.1, from the Introit)

The Roman Catholic “Profession of the Faith”

I, John Marie-Therese of the Holy Eucharist, of the Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, with firm faith believe and profess each and every article contained in the profession of Faith which the holy Roman Church uses, namely: I believe in one God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, of all things seen and unseen. And in one Lord Jesus Christ the only-begotten Son of God: Born of the Father before all ages: God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God. Begotten not made, of one substance with the Father: through Whom all things were made. Who for us humans and for our salvation came down from heaven. He was incarnate by the Holy Ghost of the Virgin Mary: and became Man. He was crucified also for us, He suffered under Pontius Pilate and was buried. The third day He rose again according to the Scriptures. He ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of the Father. He shall come again with glory to judge the living and the dead, and of His kingdom there shall be no end. And in the Holy Ghost, the Lord and the Giver of life, Who proceeds from the Father and the Son, Who together with the Father and the Son is adored and glorified: Who spoke through the Prophets. And one Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. I confess one Baptism for the remission of sins. And I look for the resurrection of the dead. And the life of the world to come. Amen.

Apostolic and ecclesiastical traditions and all other observances and the constitutions of that same Church I most firmly accept and embrace. Likewise I accept Sacred Scriptures according to that sense which holy mother Church held and holds, since it is her right to judge of the true sense and interpretation of the Holy Scriptures; nor will I ever receive and interpret them except according to the unanimous consent of the Fathers. I profess also that there are seven Sacraments of the New Law, truly and properly so called, instituted by our lord Jesus Christ and necessary for salvation, though each person need not receive them all.They are: Baptism, Confirmation, the Holy Eucharist, Penance, Extreme Unction, Orders and Matrimony; and they confer grace. Of these Baptism, Confirmation and Orders may not be repeated without sacrilege.

I likewise receive and accept the Rites of the Catholic Church which have been received and approved in the solemn administration of all the aforesaid Sacraments. I embrace and accept the whole and every part of what was defined and declared by the sacred Council of Trent concerning Original Sin and justification. Likewise I profess that in the Mass there is offered to God a true, proper and propitiatory Sacrifice for the living and the dead; and that in the most holy Sacrament of the Eucharist there is truly, really and substantially the Body and Blood, together with the Soul and Divinity, of Our Lord Jesus Christ; and that there takes place the conversion of the whole substance of the bread into His Body, and of the whole substance of the wine into His Blood, and this conversion the Catholic Church calls transubstantiation. I confess that under either species alone the whole and complete Christ and the true Sacrament are received.

I firmly hold that purgatory exists, and that the souls detained there are helped by the suffrages of the faithful. Likewise, that the Saints reigning with Christ are to be honoured and prayed to, and that they offer prayers to God on our behalf, and that their relics should be venerated. I resolutely assert that images of Christ and

the ever Virgin Mother of God, and likewise those of the other Saints, are to be kept and retained, and that due honour and reverence is to be shown them. I affirm that the power of indulgences was left by Christ in the Church, and that their use is eminently beneficial to the Christian people.

I acknowledge the Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, the Mother and Mistress of all the churches. Likewise all other things which have been transmitted, defined and declared by the sacred canons and the Ecumenical Councils, especially the Sacred Trent, I accept unhesitatingly and profess; in the same way whatever is to the contrary, and whatever heresies have been condemned, rejected and anathematised by the Church, I too condemn, reject and anathematise.

This true Catholic Faith which I now freely profess and truly hold, is what I shall steadfastly maintain and confess, by the help of God, in all its completeness and purity until my dying breath, and I shall do my best to ensure that all others do the same. This is what I, the same John Marie-Therese, promise, vow and swear. So help me God and these holy Gospels of God (the Profession of Pope Pius IX).

“… Grant that Thy Church may IN ALL THINGS follow the precepts of those from whom it has received the Faith”
(from the Collect of today’s Feast)

Major Ordinations to the Subdiaconate and Diaconate
Hearts of Jesus and Mary Seminary
Cebu City, Philippines
23rd June 2015
Vigil of the Feast of St. John the Baptist

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The Seraphic “Tongue” of God and the Teresian Carmel of Catholic Resistance


Feast of St. Anthony, “Hammer of Heretics”
Saturday in the Octave of the Most Sacred Heart of the Lord and Savior

“When the vault in which for thirty years his sacred body had reposed was opened, the flesh was found reduced to dust but the tongue uninjured, fresh, and of a lively red colour. St. Bonaventure, then Minister General of the Order, beholding this wonder, took the tongue affectionately in his hands and kissed it, exclaiming: ‘O Blessed Tongue that always praised the Lord, and made others bless Him, now it is evident what great merit thou hast before God.'” (From the “Catholic Encyclopedia,” First Ed.)


She sho crushes the head of Satan – sewer of every error and filth

This seraphic “tongue” of God kept on pounding the moral evils of his time: the vices of luxury, avarice, and tyranny – consequences of the errors/heresies of the Cathares and Patarines then infesting central and north Italy which he sought to extinguish. Indeed, the mouthpiece of God – His prophets, among whom the Carmelites of the Reform of St. Teresa of Jesus who look up to the great fiery Prophet of the true God on Mount Carmel (the Teresian/Discalced Carmelites of Traditional Observance who refuse to have part whatsoever with the “New” ‘Catholic’ DisOrder inaugurated by Vatican II with the introduction of a “NEW THEO…” (cf., our post “The Ultimate Delusion of Vatican II-‘Catholicism’“) underlying the “NEW Rite of WORSHIP” (the “Novus Ordo Missae” or the “New [Dis]Order of ‘Mass'” of 1969) ought to be God’s prophets “par excellence”, as Moses was being God’s intimate friend – could not help but be a ‘boring’ continuous divine hammering (cf., our post “Trouble-Maker Prophet“). A ‘boring’ continuous divine hammering of what evils? The prevailing Neo-Pagan moral standards (paganism with rabid revenge cloaked with ‘liberal Modernism’) that is the tragic consequence of the “dogma of the Faith” extinguished starting from Rome (“[Not in Rome will…] the dogma of the Faith [be] always preserved, etc.” – “the [Apocalyptic*] Great Sign in Heaven” @ Fatima, Portugal in ending the Second Part and introducing the Third Part of Her “Great Secret”) – as it is written: The Son of man, when He comes, shall He find, think you, Faith on earth? [Hence], in the day that Lot went out of Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all: even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man shall be revealed <“MANY nations will be annihilated” – the Apocalyptic Great Sign in Heaven @ Fatima, Portugal; cf., our post “Our Lady, Vatican Disorientation, and the Annihilation of Many Nations“>” (Lk. 18.8; 17.29-30).

* The apparition of the Immaculata @ Fatima, Portgual is not a ‘private revelation’ as the “Novus Ordo” falsely claims: “Our Lady at Fatima – Not a Mere ‘Private Revelation’ as Neo-Catholics Dismiss It!

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Big Slap on Sedevacantism


Octave Day of Corpus Christi – Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of 
the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

The Eucharistic Miracle at Buenos Aires, Argentina

f36df-eucharisticheartofjesus“The Flesh is a muscle of the heart of a Man receiving torturous beatings – alive still, moving and beating, after five years when taken to California laboratories in the US when normally it dies after 15 minutes: same with the Eucharistic Flesh at Lanciano, Italy subjected to re-examination in the 70s.”

Scientific findings:

The Sacred Host was consecrated at a “Novus Ordo” (New ‘Catholic’ DisOrder”) ‘Mass’ – the Protestantized ‘Mass’ in “loud… vulgar language” (condemned “ex cathedra” by Pope Pius VI in his Bull “Auctorem Fidei”) : the “tampered” (Pope John Paul II) and “fabricated” (Pope Benedict XVI) ‘Mass’ of a Freemason in ecclesiastical trappings (cf., “The Catholic Sanctuary Prefigured of Old – II“) since Vatican II (1962-1965). This flatly belies the Sedevacantist ‘dogma’ that all “Novus Ordo” ‘Masses’ (as with the “New” Rites of ‘Episcopal Consecration’ and ‘Ordinations’) are outrightly invalid. However, St. Thomas Aquinas distinguishes a valid AND legitimate* Mass – as the Traditional Latin Mass is – from a valid BUT NOT legitimate ‘Mass’ (the service of the schismatic Orthodox, the ‘Black Mass’ of the Satanists, and the “New” ‘Mass’ of 1969 WHENEVER it is validly confected only) in that in the latter, Our Lord is present but He does not give blessings and graces (rather, maledictions: cf., 1 Cor. 11.29) for I was profaned in the midst of them (Ezech. 22.26): cf., “Practical ‘Catholicism’

* Licit – that is, acceptable before God because the whole of the Rite is His design with no minutest element coming from His enemies mixed with It or not offered by those who stand not in the Truth and cut off from It as the apostates, heretics, and schismatics.

A most blessed Feast to everyone!

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Sunday within the Octave of Corpus Christi

Eucharistic JesusLk. 14.16-24: Our Lord warns against Neo-Paganism – preoccupation with the means of sustenance, with material conveniences, and with the demands of sensual appetites. He offers the ‪Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist as the antidote for all these but then the lying promises of ‘spiritual’ conveniences by the “tampered [Protestantized] liturgy” (Pope John Paul II, in “Our Lady and the Diabolical Campaign“) – within very easy reach in language and location – and by the compromised Fellayite-SSPX priests, together with the ‘Conservatives’ under the Ecclesia Dei – ‘official full communion’ (but with apostate Roman hierarchs in their DisOrder) while using merely the already-familiar aesthetic majesty of the Traditional Latin Liturgy for a shamefully impious facade – only re-shackle all the more those who refuse the purging ways of Divine salvation.

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First Friday of the month

And I will raise Me up a faithful priest who shall do according to My Heart and to My Soul (1 Kings 2.35 – DRB). Whereas, the father of lies raises up to [her]self men who love contradictions. The Superior-General of the institutional mainstream Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X (SSPX), originally founded by the venerable Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre to perpetuate the uncompromised Traditional Catholic Priesthood supposed to resist the apostate Roman hierarchs and their bastard ecumenical Protestantized ‘priests’ (cf., Mt. 7.22-23; see, “From the Voice of Catholic Resistance: At the Heart of the Crisis – the Priesthood” and Sacerdotes Daemoniorum), on being appointed ‘judge’ of first instance by the same apostates clothed with purple and scarlet (Apoc. 17.4): “I was appointed by Rome to make canonical judgments [here, he submits to the Novus Ordo regime by following their Code] on… our priests… A beautiful contradiction indeed” (Vatican Insider, 3rd June 2015).

The mainstream SSPX Superior-General himself betrays that the Priestly Fraternity founded by the venerable Archbishop Lefebvre has already been practically placed by him, acting as an “extraordinary” lieutenant of the “New pseudo-Catholic ‘Order'” < cf., “The Year That Was 1929“>, since the expulsion of Bp. Williamson and other members who would not compromise on the illegitimacy of the whole of Vatican II “New Order” or the “Novus Ordo” starting from its very foundation, into the hands of the apostate Roman hierarchs (The Great Sign in Heaven” @ Fatima: “In Portugal will the dogma of the Faith be always preserved, etc.” – details of this She directed to be fully revealed as early as 1960 foreseeing Vatican II) without the need, in Neo-Catholic parlance, of precedent Tridentine-style ‘legalistic’ much ado of ‘official’ jurisdiction-conferment ‘ceremonials’ – ‘creatively EXTRAORDINARY broad-minded dynamic spontaneity’ is the name of the game.

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Nearness of God


Feast of Corpus Christi

Eucharistic Jesus

Neither is there any other nation so great, that hath gods so nigh them, as our God is present… (Deut. 4.7).

God’s great kingdom on earth, the Catholic Church – even before that the abomination of desolation(Mt. 24.15) was put standing in theHoly Place (Mt. 24.15) by subtle deception of an ecclesiastical Freemason, Paul VI (who, according to many verified documents – thanks  to the apostolate of the late Fr. Luigi-Villa, then tasked by Padre Pio to expose ecclesiastical Freemasonry and their filthy work – had been a perpetrator of ecclesiastical homosexuality), with his mere “wish” (“volumus,” in the original Latin text of his “Missale Romanum”: no ex cathedra binding decree) to get his “bastard” Protestantized ‘New Mass’ celebrated (April 1969) yet under the ‘official’ air of ‘order from Rome’ (cf., our post Obey God rather than man),  has suffered humiliations though God was no merely symbolically and morally present anymore as of Old but really yet under the [accidental] form of consecrated bread.  The dogma of the Real Presence was clear and well-known but hearts, both of the flock and their pastors, were getting far away from seeking to delight with Him abiding in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the altar. Since Vatican II, the dogma was systematically obscured – if they shy from outrightly denying it: hence the distinction of ‘Modernists’ from the ‘Bible-only’ heretics;  ‘official Catholics’ – adherents of Vatican II-‘modernized Catholic Church’ (the “pseudo-Church” of infiltrated dum[b]ies of the Synagogue of Satan | Apoc. 2.9; 3.9) – were at a great loss what to seek for in their familiar comfort ‘Catholic’ zone (their institutional ‘temples’) whence their being straitened on all sides to wallow in the ‘natural’ pleasures of the flesh (satisfaction of the cravings of bodily organs)and to be in with the Godless anti-Christian Masonic “New World Order” (the Novus Ordo) whose dominating central dogma consists in the diabolical pride of “belief in one’s self” which worship is served by the ‘expression of one’s [de-Catholicized] identity’ either with daring immodesty or sensuality (the highest level of ‘expression’ of bestiality) or ‘ecumenical’ contradiction [‘Catholic’ yet either not Catholic – as the Neo-Catholic fans of the demonic ‘Lady Gaga’ for example – or not-so-Catholic]. Ironically, it is this “pseudo-Church” or the “modernized Catholic Church” of Vatican II – to which the [X]SPX of Fellayite regime seeks the ‘officially regular’ integration – who claim to have broken the ‘ritualistic’, ‘one-sided’, ‘old-fashioned,’ ‘Latin-complicated’ Tridentine barriers to a ‘dynamic’ spontaneity of [presumptuous] ‘familiarity’ with the [g]od of ‘luv’ yet never has the Catholic name been so basely profaned in them.

“Nothing is more salutary than This Sacrament for by This are sins purged, supernatural virtues increased and made to fructify much, and the understanding filled with all spiritual charisms” (St. Thomas Aquinas, in today’s Office of Matins).

A most blessed Feast to everyone!

See also “The Real Presence of Jesus on the Catholic Altar

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“In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.”


Feast of the Most Holy Trinity


“Whosoever will be saved, before all things it is necessary that he hold the Catholic Faith; Which Faith except every one do keep whole and undefiled, without doubt he shall perish everlastingly. And the Catholic Faith is this: That we worship one God in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity; Neither confounding the Persons nor dividing the Substance.

For there is one person of the Father, another of the Son, and another of the Holy Spirit. But the Godhead of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit is all one, the glory equal, the majesty coeternal. Such as the Father is, such is the Son, and such is the Holy Ghostt. The Father uncreated, the Son uncreated, and the Holy Ghost uncreated. The Father incomprehensible, the Son incomprehensible, and the Holy Ghost incomprehensible. The Father eternal, the Son eternal, and the Holy Ghost eternal. And yet they are not three eternals but one eternal.

As also there are not three uncreated nor three incomprehensible, but one uncreated and one incomprehensible. So likewise the Father is almighty, the Son almighty, and the Holy Spirit almighty. And yet they are not three almighties, but one almighty. So the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God; And yet they are not three Gods, but one God.

So likewise the Father is Lord, the Son Lord, and the Holy Ghost Lord; And yet they are not three Lords but one Lord. For like as we are compelled by the Christian verity to acknowledge every Person by himself to be God and Lord; So are we forbidden by the Catholic religion to say; There are three Gods or three Lords. The Father is made of none, neither created nor begotten. The Son is of the Father alone; not made nor created, but begotten. The Holy Ghost is of the Father and of the Son; neither made, nor created, nor begotten, but proceeding. So there is one Father, not three Fathers; one Son, not three Sons; one Holy Spirit, not three Holy Spirits. And in this Trinity none is afore or after another; none is greater or less than another. But the whole three persons are coeternal, and coequal. So that in all things, as aforesaid, the Unity in Trinity and the Trinity in Unity is to be worshipped. He therefore that will be saved must thus think of the Trinity….” (From the Athanasian Creed).

Such was the resounding Catholic Confession in our churches… until the latter, with our Catholic institutions, have been usurped and instrumentalized by the enemies of the Crucified (cf., “The Year 1929” and the Apostasy of Vatican II Neo-Catholicism out of the very blasphemous mouth of its ‘Pontifex’ Bergoglio). As we said before, so now I say again: If any one preach to you a gospel, besides that which you have received, let him be anathema (Gal. 1.9).

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The filth of the impure spirit among apostates


Thursday in the Octave of Pentecost

God is wonderful in His Saints: the God of Israel Is He Who will give power and strength to His people (Ps. 67.36 – DRB).

Traditionally, Thursday is not only devoted to the Most Blessed Sacrament; Holy Church devotes also this day to the Holy Ghost. The connection: it is the Holy Ghost Who effects our transformation into the Divine Son Who gives Himself to us under the form of bread: the fruit of our union with God in the Holy Eucharist which not only a valid Mass but also a legitimate one could alone offer. As many as received Him, He gave them power to be made the sons of God… who are born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God (Jn. 1.12-13).

Now, how is it possible that a ‘Catholic’ nation could let itself plunge by formal choice – as Ireland did and the first at that! – into the most shamefully perverted sex-sty which even pigs would not even dare wallow in? It is by revolt against the Spirit of truth, to embrace the pseudo-Catholicism or the Neo-Catholicism of Vatican II – a convenient ‘feel-good’ Catholicism as any ‘Bible-only’ sectarian phenomenon is, that they are finally left to the dominion with diabolical revenge (Mt.12.45) of our disordered wounded nature (Rom. 1.21-26). The Neo-Catholic hierarchy calls this a “defeat for humanity” (the Secretary of State of the disoriented Vatican, in ZenitNews, 27th May 2015) rather than a hard tragedy for which the divine justice will hold them responsible. A most spectacular “defeat” indeed for the “New ‘Catholic’ (Dis)Order of Vatican II” which popularized itself “with an easily understood language” (read: Neo-Catholics understood something else, something that resembles the Catholic Religion but was not the real thing; perversion by subtle deception) – it being the salt of infernal savor!

The Son of man, when He comes, shall He find, think you, Faith on earth? (Lk. 18.8). In the day when Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all: even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man shall be revealed (Lk. 17.29-30). “Many nations will be annihilated…” (The Great Sign in heaven @ Fatima, Portugal).

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