On Vatican II “religious liberty”


Vigil of St. Lawrence, Martyr

The Roman Pontiff as the Sovereign Vicar of Christ the King

In his July 19 message to the Knights of Columbus in the US for their 130th Supreme Convention next week, our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, calls Catholic men to defend “religious freedom”.

“The theme of this year’s Supreme Convention – Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land – evokes not only [1] the great biblical ideals of freedom and justice which shaped the founding of the United States of America, but also the responsibility of each new generation to preserve, defend and advance those great ideals in its own day,” states the Papal message. “By [2] defending the right of all religious believers, as individual citizens and in their institutions, to work responsibly in shaping a democratic society inspired by their deepest beliefs, values and aspirations, your Order has proudly lived up to the high religious and patriotic principles which inspired its founding.”

[1] The United States of America was founded rather on the Masonic revolutionary 1789 ideals. The founding document attests to it. Whereas, the Scriptural ideals are fulfilled only under the reign of Christ the King – Whose sovereign dominion through the Traditional Catholic Order of things every Masonic “Republic” rejects.  That Masonic revolutionary ideals and the Scriptural ideals meet is but a hypothetical dialectics inherent in every delusive paradigm – especially that of a “liberal Catholic” mind.

[2] Religious liberty in its authentic Catholic sense – as had been consistently taught by the Chair of Peter – concerns the State protection, fostering, and defense of the Catholic Church, the dominion of Christ the King, and its interests only. It does not concern other creeds – which are essentially errors that lead souls to the worship of the devil (cf., Dt. 30.17, DRV) – though they MAY BE TOLERATED in certain conditions. The defense of ” the right of all religious believers, as individual citizens and in their institutions, to work responsibly in shaping a democratic society inspired by their deepest beliefs, values and aspirations” is an error which proceeds from the Masonic revolutionary 1789 propositions 15* (Indifference and False Tolerance) and 77** (Modern Liberalism) condemned “ex cathedra” by Pope Pius IX in his Syllabus of Errors.

* “Every man is free to embrace and profess that religion which, guided by the light of reason, he shall consider true.” Vatican II: “The Vatican Council declares that the human person has a right to religious freedom. Freedom of this kind means that all men should be immune from coercion [Our Lord said that those who will not believe the Gospel He entrusts to His Apostles and their successorsshall be condemned (Mk. 16.16) – hence the anathemas pronounced by the Chair of St. Peter]… nor… be restrained from acting in accordance with his convictions in religious matters…. because they are persons, that is, beings endowed with reason and free will…. as long as the just requirements of public order are observed” (Dignitatis Humanae, I, 2).

** “In the present day it is no longer expedient that the Catholic religion should be held as the only religion of the State, to the exclusion of all other forms of worship.” Vatican II: “… Provided the just requirements of public order are not violated… Religious communities… have a RIGHT to… organize themselves according to their own principles… have the further RIGHT not to be prevented from publicly teaching and bearing witness to their beliefs….” (Dignitatis Humanae, I, 4).

It is true that the conditions have changed – Catholic States, supposed to be defending the liberty of Christ’s kingdom on earth, have overthrown the yoke of the sovereign dominion of Christ the King by constitutionally repudiating the Catholic Creed – but there can never be justification for the adoption of the worldly mentality of “why not join them when you can not beat them.” And so the Lord will enter into judgment with the ancients of His people, and its princes… Woe to you, apostate children, saith the Lord, that you would take counsel, and not of Me: and would begin a web, and not by My spirit, that you might add sin upon sin (Is. 3.14; 30.1).

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The Teresian Order of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel - the (traditional) Discalced Carmelites of Catholic Resistance who adhere to the true God Whom generations of holy Catholics throughout the ages past have known, loved, served, and worshipped only in the Tridentine Latin Mass - "the NORM [of the Roman Rite] IN PERPETUITY" (Pope St. Pius V, "Quo Primum") and upon which is built the Traditional Catholic Order constituted by God and ruled by the Sovereign Roman Pontiff "for obedience to the Faith" (Rom. 1.5). On our position, see our blogposts "Our 'Great Reversal'" and "The Ultimate Delusion of Vatican II 'Catholicism'." Home of the original online "Catholic Resistance."
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  1. Ignis Dei says:


    Feast of St. Lawrence, Martyr

    … And the post-Conciliar false secularism

    Archbishop Chaput of Pennsylvania addressed a religious conference in Napa, California, USA last July 27. He noted the spreading ‘secularism’ and charted the same path of ‘renewal’ appointed at the Vatican and which the ‘Papal message’ already conveyed to the Knights of Columbus through the office of Cardinal Bertone, the Vatican Secretary of State.

    One would think that the post-Conciliar Vatican is lamenting the ‘spreading secularization’ it actually spearheaded in ‘obedience’ to the Council’s declaration on ‘religious liberty’ (Dignitatis Humane). Card. Hoyos, for example, asked the legislature of his native country to shake off the yoke of the dominion of Christ the King by constitutionally repudiating the Catholic religion – then the State’s official creed. However, the path proposed by the Archbishop speaks of the problem of ‘secularism’ already understood quite differently from the way the Chair of St. Peter had consistently understood it*: a drifting away rather from the 1789 ideals consecrated by the Second Vatican Council (cf., our post above).

    * Secularization: the disregard and suppression of Jesus Christ and His appointed vicarious guide – the Catholic Church, especially the See of Peter in Rome – in the public life. A 1789 ideal anathematized by Pope Leo XIII: “In those matters which regard religion let it be seen how the sect of the Freemasons acts… By a long and persevering labor, they endeavour to bring about this result – namely, that the office and authority of the Church may become of no account in the civil State. For this reason, they declare to the people and contend that Church and State ought to be altogether disunited [the constitutional “Separation of the Church and State” in Masonic democratic Republics] (in Humanum Genus, condemnation of Freemasonry).

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