Our Lady at Fatima – Not an “Apparition” of a Mere ‘Private Revelation’ as Neo-Catholics Dismiss It!


Feast of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary


When confronted by the introductory phrase to the Third Part of the Great Secret of Fatima which rewords thus: “[NOT IN ROME will] the dogma of the Faith… be always preserved, ETC [here is contained the Third Part of the Great Secret which, logically, details why Rome “will lose the Faith” – Our Lady at La Sallete, cf. our post “Lumen fidei – a ‘faith’ of the Catholic Faith?“],” Novus Ordo people dismiss it: “Private revelation does not super[s]ede Church authority. [We] uphold the magisterium.” In a desperate effort to “uphold” a disoriented Rome [The whole head is sick – Is. 1.5] and its Neo-Catholic ‘magisterium’ they in all reality admitted opposition between Our Lady of Fatima and the Neo-Catholic authorities and their ‘ecumenical’ disorientation.

Pope John Paul II would belie them, however, for on 13th May 2000 at Fatima, where he was reported to be finally revealing the contents of the Third Part of the Great Secret, he referred to the 12th Chapter of the Book of the Apocalypse in his sermon:

“‘Another portent appeared in heaven; behold a great red dragon’ (Apoc. 12.3)…. The Message of Fatima is… alerting humanity to have nothing to do with the ‘dragon’ whose ‘tail swept down a third of the stars of heaven, and dragged them to the earth’ (Apoc. 12.4)….

In Her motherly concern, the Blessed Virgin came here to Fatima [from May to October, before the great red dragon appeared in November of the same year 1917 – hence, Our Lady was that Great Sign in heaven (Apoc. 12.1) preceding the other sign of the red dragon]… It is a mother’s sorrow that compels Her to speak; the destiny of Her children is at stake.”

On 13th May 1982, also at Fatima, Pope John Paul II asked in his sermon: “Can the Mother who, with all the force of the love that She fosters in the Holy Spirit and desires everyone’s salvation, can She remain silent when She sees the very bases* of Her children’s salvation undermined?” And he himself answered: “No, She cannot remain silent.”

* That is, the truths of the Faith would be “undermined.” “Undermined” by whom? The Book of the Apocalypse says that the red dragon appeared in heaven – that is, in traditional Apocalyptic language, IN the Church, cf., our post “The Year That Was 1929” – where his tail, which in Sacred Scriptures is the symbol of lying and hypocrisy, would sweep a third of the stars [that is, clerics for they that instruct many unto justice [shall shine] as stars for all eternity (Dan. 12.3)] who would become the dragon‘s propagators of his subtly deceitful errors (cf., our post “Upheaval: Russia’s Errors Spreading from the Vatican“): the prophet [that is, the cleric, cf., 1 Ki.  9.11-16; 2 Cor. 11.13] that teacheth lies, he is the tail. And they [these compromised clerics] that call [the Novus Ordo faithful] blessed shall cause them to err (Is. 9.15-16). Cf., our posts “Our Lady and the Diabolical Campaign“, “Our Lady and the Disorientation of Rome“, and “The Ultimate Delusion of Vatican II ‘Catholicism’“.

Indeed, what occurred at Fatima from May to October 1917 was an “apparition” but it was the unfolding of a public revelation in its concrete historical circumstances with the Apocalyptic Woman (Gen. 3.15: She shall crush [the dragon‘s] headgiving the rest of Her seed (Apoc. 12.17) the standard and commands of God on the one hand, and pinpointing to them, on the other, the dissimulating standard of the devil and those who would march, carrying his commands, under his “diabolical disorientation” (cf., our post “A Perilous ‘Catholic’ Voyage“) culminating in a visibly grand victory of God’s justice over His enemies and the “triumph of [the Woman‘s] Immaculate Heart” – Scriptural prophecy being fulfilled!

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