The True God – The Catholic God


Feast of St. Teresa of Jesus

For God so loved the world as to give His only begotten Son
that the world may be saved by Him…
By this hath the charity of God appeared to us…
that we may… not perish…
but may have life everlasting… by Him…
and sent His Son to be a propitiation for our sins.
(Jn. 3.15,16,17; 1 Jn. 4.9,10)

For God so loved the world as to give His only begotten Son… The Catholic God is the God of tender mercy  Who has spared us from suffering the fullness of the excruciating  weight of the passion, crucifixion, and death on a cross. Yet, nevertheless, the Catholic God is the God also of terrible justice hence He still exacted the full prize of our sin – the pride of ‘liberalism’ – therefore, He sent His Son to be a propitiation for our sins; it was upon Him Who was the Innocent that the terribly exacting justice of the God Who also knows the language of wrath fell!  And this same Catholic God of most tenderly infinite “merciful love” (our dear “Little Therese”) required and still requires on the traditional Catholic altar the blood of the Innocent for it has been decreed (Heb. 9.22) that without the shedding of [His] Blood there is no remission [of sins]!

This Catholic God – “a cruel blood-thirsty God-the-executioner,” according to the ‘bishop’ of Arras in an ironic title published by the [Dominican] Cerf Publishing House in France: ‘Fifteen Bishops Profess the Faith of the Catholic Church’ –  the ‘Pontifex’ (that is, a mere “bishop”; distinct from the Summus Pontifex, the “Sovereign Pontiff”) of Neo-Catholicism (the “New ‘Catholicism’” of Vatican II) expressly repudiates: “I believe… not in a Catholic God, there is no Catholic God” (Pope Francis, interview with a secular Italian paper, La Reppublica, 1st October 2013, full official text in Italian published at the Vatican website). What the Neo-Catholic ‘Pontifex’ claims is no longer a surprise. The [g]od the Neo-Catholic “President” professes is nothing but that “New” concept of [g]od illusioned  by the “New Catholic ‘THEOlog[ism]’ (cf., our post “The Ultimate Delusion of Vatican II ‘Catholicism’”) – the de facto creed since Vatican II being inculcated especially  through the “New Rite of ‘Mass’” (following the Roman axiom lex orandi, lex credenda: how one prays/worships shows what one believes); a “New” ‘Jesus Christ’ – the Son of God “incarnate… to instill the feeling of brotherhood” (the ‘Pontifex’ in the same interview, cf., also our post Estote Sapientes) – but then only subtly veiled by technical (‘theologistic’ references) from Pope Paul VI (who “wish[ed]” the ‘Rite of Worship’ of that same Neo-Catholic idol celebrated throughout the Roman Rite] to Pope Benedict XVI [who claimed that the “fabricated” Rite of Worship, designed by a Freemason in ecclesiastical trappings: Annibale Bugnini (cf., our post “The Catholic Sanctuary Prefigured in O.T. – II”),  for the fabricated god of the school of Neo-Catholic ‘theologism’ – in which he was bred – was the “ordinary form” – therefore, the ‘norm’). It is just that, now,  it took a mad “Rotary Club, Int’l” (a Masonic organization) ‘Pontifex’ to tear the deceptive veil and thus proclaim bluntly that there is indeed that false ecumenical god – the god of ‘liberal-free-thinking’ Neo-Catholics, of the “Bible-only” sectarians, of the Mohammedans, of Hindus, etc.  – being worshipped in the “tampered liturgy” (Pope John Paul II, in our post “The Diabolical Campaign”), that “fabricated liturgy” (Card. Ratzinger, later Pope Benedict XVI, in his Preface to Msgr. Gamber’s The Reform of the Roman Liturgy) and, therefore, that “bastard Mass” (Abp. Marcel Lefebvre – now contradicted by his auxiliary bishop and Superior General of the ‘instutional SSPX’, Bernard Fellay, who declared that this “tampered, fabricated, and bastard Mass” was “legitimately promulgated” – which has yet to be formally retracted coupled with resignation as is most fittingly required) which is the pseudo-Mass of the Neo-Catholic DisOrder since Vatican II (1962-1965).  What the mad Rotarian ‘Pontifex’ simply yet most clearly pointed out was that the Church of Rome has been, as what the Apocalyptic Woman repeatedly warned us in La Salette in France (that “Rome will lose the Faith” – w/ecclesiastical approval) and in Fatima in Portugal (which rephrases thus: “Not in Rome will the dogma of the Faith be always preserved, etc.” – w/ecclesiastical approval and the “etc.” referring to the Third Part of the Great Secret of Fatima which Our Lady wished to be revealed as early as in 1960), in de facto apostasy (for it touches, though in a material manner – not formally (against Sedevacantism) or de officio for this would belie the Lord and Savior, the gates of hell shall not prevail against it, in that the pillar and ground of the truth has been officially overturned  – the fundamental Christian dogma upon which the rest are built; while heresy denies one or some of the truths flowing from the core).  Thanks – but no thanks! – to the ‘Pontifex’ the rotten core of Vatican II Neo-Catholicism is now finally laid bare in clear terms, without any deceptive technical reference, so that those who would persist in being ‘Pope-loyalist-no-matter-what’ run the course of the unforgivable sin of blasphemy against the Spirit of truth (cf., the necessity of “Catholic Resistance” which is but part of holy obedience in its authentically Catholic sense); yet, most unfortunately, the poisoned food with which the sheep and the lambs have been fed since Vatican II was dealt by no less than a mad Papa occupying the See of Peter!

“There is no Catholic God…” is a terrifying invitation for the Catholic God to finally let down fire and brimstone from heaven to consume and “[annihilate] many nations” (warns the Apocalyptic Woman, cf., our post “Our Lady, Vatican II Disorientation, and the Annihilation of Many Nations”) – and thus vindicate also His Apocalyptic Great Sign in heaven in Her great Fatima appearance which was dismissed as a mere inconsequential ‘private revelation’ by Neo-Catholic lay ‘commentators’ now even upheld by the same mad ‘Pontifex’ – as categorical manifestation that He indeed is also the God of infinite justice Whose wrath does not respect numbers (“MANY souls go to hell” – Our Lady at Fatima, Portugal). Even then, “God come to our assistance. Lord make haste to help us!”


About Ignis Dei

The Teresian Order of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel - the (traditional) Discalced Carmelites of Catholic Resistance who adhere to the true God Whom generations of holy Catholics throughout the ages past have known, loved, served, and worshipped only in the Tridentine Latin Mass - "the NORM [of the Roman Rite] IN PERPETUITY" (Pope St. Pius V, "Quo Primum") and upon which is built the Traditional Catholic Order constituted by God and ruled by the Sovereign Roman Pontiff "for obedience to the Faith" (Rom. 1.5). On our position, see our blogposts "Our 'Great Reversal'" and "The Ultimate Delusion of Vatican II 'Catholicism'." Home of the original online "Catholic Resistance."
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