The Work of the Divine Spirit


Fourth Sunday after Easter

Every best gift, and every perfect gift, is from above, coming down from the Father of lights (from today’s Lesson, Epistle of St. James, 1.17-21). Best gift, so thus the liturgy or the official public divine service by ritual sacrifices of Old could be described in relation to the official public divine service by the ritual Sacrifice on the Apostolic altar (Heb. 13.10) of the New Covenant. The Liturgy of Old served unto the example and shadow…of … a greater and more perfect… divine service (Heb. 8.5; 9.11,1). Therefore are they, including especially the Popes infected with the Masonic 1789 Revolutionary principles of the so-called ‘Rights of Man’ – pre-figured (1 Cor. 10.6) as they were by the Prophet Isaias to be sick… head (1.5) – who carried out the revolutionary ‘change’ in the Sacred Liturgy veiled with Masonic ‘renewal’, ‘progress with the times’, and ‘enrichment’ especially with Talmudic Jewry, Lutheran, Anglican, Calvinist, and Pentecostal elements (as if this best and perfect work of the Holy Ghost Who is the finger of God suffered decrepitude and impoverishment!) belied and condemned.

… the Father of lights, with Whom there is no change, nor shadow of alteration (v.17). Of lights, that is, the clergy of the Church are the true heavenly luminaries for they that are learned shall shine as the brightness of the firmament: and they that instruct many to justice, as stars for all eternity (Dan. 12.3). The Father of lights, with Whom there is no change, nor shadow of alteration instructs us that He will condemn the unbelievers – “the perfidious Jews” (the Missale Romanum), the Moslems, pagans, atheists, agnostics, the Masonic ‘free-thinkers’: He who believeth not… and bend not their knee (Phil 2.10) to serve and adore Jesus Christ King of kings and Lord of lords (Apoc. 19.16)… shall be condemned (Mk. 16.16) – and the heretical (as the ‘Bible-only’ fundamentalists) and schismatic (as the Greek Orthodox) sects of perdition (2 Pet. 2.1): He who is not with Me is against Me… He shall be cast forth as a branch and shall wither… and cast… into the fire and he burneth (Mt. 12.30; Jn. 15.6). But Pope John XXIII before the First Session of Vatican II, “Enough of condemnations!” The Father of lights, with Whom there is no change, nor shadow of alteration: What concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath the faithful with the unbeliever… (2 Cor. 6.15) and those who refuse to hear the Church… as heathens… (Mt. 18.17) [who] sacrifice to devilsAnd I would not that you should be made partakers with devils (1 Cor. 10.20). Thou shalt make no league with them… Neither shalt thou make marriages with them. Thou shalt not give thy daughter to his son, nor take his daughter for thy son: for she will turn away thy son from following Me, that he may rather serve strange gods, and the wrath of the Lord will be enkindled, and will quickly destroy thee (Deut. 7.3-4). And the heavenly luminaries until Vatican II on the Catholic ecumenism: Convert and return to the Catholic Church – the only ark of salvation! But Pope Paul VI and the ‘bishops’ and ‘priests’ to be created by his “tampered” (Pope John Paul II, in the Vatican’s “L’Osservatore Romano,” 7th Feb. 1981, cf., our post “Our Lady and the Diabolical Campaign“) and “fabricated” (Card. Ratzinger, later Pope Benedict XVI, in the French ed. of Msgr. Gaber’s Reform of the Roman Liturgy) “New Order of Ordinations” (see our post Priests for the devil): “We preach [the Masonic] ecumenism [of one-world ‘church’/’religion’: the Catholic Religion – on equal footing with the other (false) religions]”* (before the Lombard Seminarians in Rome; cf., our post “Our ‘Great Reversal’“).



The "Great Tribulation" (Matthew 24.21)

* Therefore, for its logical conclusion : the Catholic Religion is also a false religion and which conclusion should lead Neo-Catholics or the Vatican II-generation to atheism for how could the God of truth be the Father of contradictions – why the charlatan and the greatest jerk the Chair of Peter ever saw occupying it professed: “I believe… not in a Catholic God. There’s no such thing as a Catholic God” (“L’Osservatore Romano,” 2nd Oct. 2013; on the ‘ecumenical idol’ or the “New THEO…” who requires a “New Order of Worship”, cf., our post “New ‘Catholic Theology'”: “The Ultimate Delusion of Vatican II-‘Catholicism’“)

The Father of lights does not change. The heavenly luminaries, because defectible by their created nature, let themselves be drawn by the tail of the great red dragon (see our posts The Great Sign in heaven, The Year 1929“, and “Upheaval“) – but were not allowed, of course, to bind ex cathedra the Universal Church to their personal apostasy, though they managed to put up a subtly deceptive air of ‘officiality’ (see our post “In Virtue of OUR Apostolic Authority“) in contradicting the “Catholic God.” From being the lights of the Father, they let themselves be transformed as false lights for the devil: Satan himself transformeth… into an angel of light (2 Cor. 11.14) and with this difference – the Father of lights begets His children by the Word of Truth (Jas. 1.18), written or by oral tradition (cf., 2 Thess. 2.14) and so they walk orderly according to the Tradition which they have received of Him through Our Lord and then through His Apostles (2 Thess. 3.6); whereas, the false lights of the ancient infernal deceiver gather for themselves children with ‘truth’ and ‘validity and legitimacy’ but by ‘officiality’ and institutional convenience – the same grounds now being offered by the perverted successor of the “Champion of Catholic Orthodoxy” in the post-Vatican II era, that is, the present Superior General of the mainstream-SSPX or the ‘SSPX of pseudo-Church integration’ – without the Word of Truth or with a distortion of It, subtly or even glaringly.

This post comes again with an adversative point. But since the Teresian Carmel is the Church’s contemplative Order par excellence, the preponderance of the gifts and fruits of the Holy Ghost is what should move its fluttering sails. What can we do, dear followers and readers, except that we should breathe in and out the wind of this our good Lord and Master Who, when He comes, convinces of sin, and of justice, and of judgment (from today’s Holy Gospel, Jn. 16.5-16): of sin – proud contradiction of God, consequence not just of unbelief but rather of apostasy [“(Not in Rome) will… the dogma of the Faith be… always preserved, etc.” – how the Great Sign in heaven ends Her Second Secret and introduces the Third Secret of Her “Great Fatima Message” contained in the “etc.” which, of course, is but a detailed exposition of how the almost complete loss of the “dogma of the Faith” would come about starting from Rome; cf., “Our Lady and the Disorientation of Rome in the 1960’s“]; of justice – loss by the carnally-minded of the friendship of God: (to Peter, though having just been made the SUMMUS Pontifex or the Sovereign Pontiff with the keys of the kingdom of Heaven entrusted to him, cf., Mt. 16.19) Go behind Me, Satan… thou savorest not the things that are of God, but the things that are of men (Mt. 16.22): prosperity, security and happiness of an earthly paradise; and, of judgment – condemnation not only of the prince of this world (Jn. 16.11) but also of the champions and adherents of his Novus Ordo or the “New Order” having their foreheads (their mind) and hands (their works) sealed with the sign of the Beast, that is, with a “New Order” of life-principle (the “New ‘Catholic Theology'” as the consecration in Papal trappings of the Masonic 1789 Revolutionary principles of the “Rights of Man” or the “modern” errors consistently anathematized ex cathedra by the Summi Pontifices or the Sovereign Pontiffs – ’til Vatican II) channeled by the pseudo-Sacraments – “tampered” (Pope John Paul II, above) and “fabricated” (Card. Ratzinger, later Pope Benedict XVI, above) with “ineffective prayers” (Fr. Amorth, the Vatican’s Chief Exorcist, on the “New Order” ‘Exorcism’ – only a Sacramental – though approved by Pope Paul VI, the perverted-suppressor of the Traditional Latin Mass) as they were.

It was necessary that the Lord and Savior, by dying on the Cross, destroy sin – the great obstacle to the action of the Holy Ghost – and then, when He had ascended into heaven, He would send the Divine Paraclete Whom He merited by His Passion. The sending of the Holy Ghost to our souls is the principal fruit of the Passion of Our Lord. Since sin is the greatest obstacle to the outpouring of the Holy Ghost – the widespread homosexuality can never be the effect of the Vatican II propaganda of a ‘New Pentecost’ – sin must be destroyed, not only in its actual manifestations, but also in its deepest and most hidden roots. The chief purpose of the action of the Holy Ghost, the “Gift of God” par excellence, is to purify the soul and dispose it for union with the “Catholic God” – not to adulterate it with the ecumenical harlotry of Vatican II pseudo-Religion and so dispose it for a reunion with the devil.

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The Teresian Order of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel - the (traditional) Discalced Carmelites of Catholic Resistance who adhere to the true God Whom generations of holy Catholics throughout the ages past have known, loved, served, and worshipped only in the Tridentine Latin Mass - "the NORM [of the Roman Rite] IN PERPETUITY" (Pope St. Pius V, "Quo Primum") and upon which is built the Traditional Catholic Order constituted by God and ruled by the Sovereign Roman Pontiff "for obedience to the Faith" (Rom. 1.5). On our position, see our blogposts "Our 'Great Reversal'" and "The Ultimate Delusion of Vatican II 'Catholicism'." Home of the original online "Catholic Resistance."
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